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#BEDN: Why Mulan>Anyone

I’m going to go right out and say it: Mulan is the best, and most unappreciated Disney “Princess” ever. I know she might not be an official Prin, but girl saved China, she can be a damn Queen if she wants to! She’s a kickass babe, relatably clumsy, hilarious and all round amazing – So why have I never met a little girl who says she’s their favourite?!

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#BEDN: All The Best Films Make You Cry

Today is another guest post from everyone’s favourite Ice Queen, Bethan (suck on that Elsa!). Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter @Beyfbaby  In everyday life my general vibe is pretty stoic. I think it’s the eyeliner – the thicker I wear it, the more it absorbs my excess emotion and keeps me in check. But the truth is that I …

#BEDN: Whining with Wine

Y’know those days where your brain doesn’t want to work and you can’t think of a single thing to write? That’s where I am right now, however I’m 20 days into Blog Everyday in November, so I thought I would cheat a little and post a video today instead! If you haven’t seen any of my Youtube videos, you should …

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#BEDN: Beauty, or ‘Where was I when everyone learnt this stuff?!’

Today’s #BEDN prompt is ‘beauty’, and my first thought was to write something cheesy about how ‘beauty is only skin deep’ or something, but I haven’t had enough wine for that!
However, it did bring to mind the hoards of Zoella-esque Beauty Gurus, with their ‘on fleek’ eyebrows and ombre lips and smokey eyes, and yet as we have seen here, I haven’t got a bloody clue! Regular guest blogger Bethan is my own personal beauty guru and every time she answers my panicked texts (wtf is an eyelash primer?!) with cool calm confidence, I wonder where I was when everyone else was at ‘how to be a successful woman’ classes?!

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#BEDN: Lush Spa – The Spell

When the lovely people from Lush Liverpool called me out of the blue to invite me to try a treatment at their spa, I almost cried. It’s been a really stressful few weeks and a spa treatment was so welcome in my life! They recommended ‘The Spell’ which is a gorgeous treatment focussed on banishing worries – something that I …

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BEDN: Where shall we go on our Honeymoon?!

Wanderlust-inflicted travel-lovers that we are, Steven and I are already thinking about our honeymoon. We have so many ideas and (sadly) we can’t do them all, so I figured there was a blog post in there somewhere! Our first thought was Disneyland Florida, spending our days screaming on rides and watching amazing shows and taking selfless with princesses – the …

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#BEDN – What’s your Expertise?

I didn’t officially post on Saturday, but the prompt was ‘What’s your expertise’ and I thought that would be a really fun thing to write about, so I’m cheating a little and moving it today.

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#BEDN: British Tag

The lovely Sarah from Raiin Monkey tagged me in the British Tag and it seemed like a great BEDN Sunday post, so here goes! Check out her blog for totally adorableness and great posts 🙂
I don’t really think of myself as particularly patriotic so this could be interesting


I don’t have anything to write about today that seems appropriate after everything that’s been going on so I’m just going to leave this here.

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#BEDN: Happy World Kindness Day!

Guys! Do you know what today is?! Well, yes, it is Friday the 13th but they’ve always been really magical days for me so whatevz. Yes, it is Children in Need but that’s not what I want to talk about today.
Give up?