AD| Etsy Christmas Gift Guide 2023

It’s my annual Etsy gift guide! A highlight of my blogging year because your girl loves to window shop & Etsy has the best ideas. Here are a mismatch of things that I either plan to buy, or would like someone to buy me.

The Gruffalo Story Sack Discs

Oh help, oh no, it’s a Gruffalo! There are few things as beloved in our house as the Gruffalo story. Once you have the book (board book AND paper back) 2 different teddies & a scooter bag (for a scooter brand we don’t have), plus several items of clothing, you kinda kit a wall. However, these story sack disks are fantastic. They each have an aspect of the Gruffalo on them, and are great for encouraging your little ones to have a go at telling the story themselves. Although the Gruffalo is our personal fave, you can get these discs based around loads of other stories too. 

Tesla phone charger

My husband isn’t usually one for gag gifts, or novelties, but this is something I think he’d get a real kick out of. A Tesla was on his vision board for 2022 and we managed to get one at the end of the year, so I think having this on his desk to remind him would be a fun gift. 

Peg name doll

These sweet little wooden peg dolls would be a gorgeous gift for a first Christmas, as a little keepsake, or for a preschooler who is starting to recognise their own name. The detail is amazing and as someone who one tried to paint a set of these (literally just different coloured clothes and different skin tones) and totally failed, they’re a real art form so £10 is a bargain!

Beard soap

As a sexy bearded man, my husband loves a good face-fuzz product and the packaging of this soap is really lovely. I hate the hyper-masculine vibes of some of the beard oils on sale, but I think he will really enjoy this. It’s vegan and orange and lavender scented sounds delicious! Also, honorary mention to these bath noodles that I accidentally found from the same store. I’m not sure who in my life would want these but they’re so silly I might just have to get them for someone! 

Rob Ryan Screenprint 

Rob Ryan is my favourite artist. His words make my heart ache and his paper cuts are so delicate and the combination is just everything. I have Rob Ryan plates, mugs and tiles (yep, like wall tiles…!) but one day I will own one of these stunning screen prints. A great gift for someone who is me. 

Bracelet making kit

As a child, beads were life. For me. My parents bloody hated them. Anyway, I think this is such a lovely kit, with beads that you’d be proud to wear if you were honoured enough to have a bespoke creation bestowed upon you by a child. (What a lot of words to not say much. I’m tired and have had a large coffee. I apologise). 

Photo Car Air freshener

Without context, an air freshener sounds like a rubbish gift that someone would panic-buy at a petrol station, but the reality of this photo version is so thoughtful and a gift that has been my go-to several times recently and received very enthusiastically. 

Rocktopus Fidget Toy

Stop it. No. This is fantastic. I both love and hate that this exists. I love these octopus fidget toys anyway, but with the Rock’s iconic noggin?! Chef’s kiss. 

Rock me, Mama Print

When we were in America the first time, this song became a bit of an anthem for us & this print is so cute. I love gifts like this that will remind the recipient of a little in-joke when they look at it every day. Even better if you live with them because it’s like a sneaky gift for you too! 

Flexible road

Father Christmas is gonna be bringing this to Chez Wright this year for sure. My boys (and my husband is included in that) love playing cars and roads are made out of all sorts of random bits and bobs. But our local Skandi play-cafe has these and they’re fab (& pack away tidily!) so I know they’ll be used every day. 

Vintage ring

I love the potential stories behind vintage jewellery. Like the person who wore this ring – what did she do? I bet she had a v romantic life. This is a beautiful ring and such a great price, perfect for a special someone in your life. 

Ocean potion kit

I had the fairy potion kit in last year’s gift guide and when I tell you that we have played with it SO much this year & it’s become one of my favourite things to gift the kids in my life. I tend to put a bit of each ingredient in its own pot (the GU pot ramekins are perfect for this!), a few empty jugs and cups and some water and leave them to it. It’s the best-smelling messy play and in the summer I set it up in the mud kitchen and was able to sit and drink my drink in one go! This ocean one is really cool and will be one for the Christmas list. 

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