AD| Etsy Christmas Giftguide 2022!

It’s that time of the year where I spend all my wages on Etsy, shopping for every member of my family, and adding hundreds of items to my own personal Wishlist too. I truly believe that you can find something for everyone on Etsy and know that you’re supporting small creatives too. Here are some of the coolest things I’ve found recently.

(FYI: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you buy anything through them, it costs the same, but I get a few pennies to help fund my online shopping problem) 

Bubblegum head pot

This little pot is just stunning and is 100% the vibe for our new house. I love that you can use it as a little vase, or plant pot, or in our home, more likely somewhere to put all the loose earrings, Kirkby grips, lego pieces and change that seem to find their way onto our worktops. Like a fancy doom box. 

Quirky cat earrings

If you ever want to buy me a gift, earrings are always a winner. The quirkier the better, and if they come as an odd-pair then that’s perfect because life is too short to only wear one pair of earrings at a time! I love these little whimsical cats and I can think of several people on my Christmas list who would also appreciate these in their stocking. 

Self Love Club glass

Bear and Moo is my online friend Katie’s shop, but even if it wasn’t, I’d still love the products. I recently bought this Self Love Club glass to take on the school run with me, as it fits perfectly in the pram’s cup holder, and holds hot or cold beverages. I’ve had so many compliments on it, whether it’s been an iced coffee, a cup of tea or a cheeky rum and Coke (note: this last one wasn’t on the school run, although it’s not a bad idea!) 

McDonalds lunch bag 

As a big Maccie’s fan, I thought this was such a fun idea for a lunch bag. Designed to look like the iconic paper bag, but insulated enough to keep your hummus and carrot sticks cool while you crawl towards lunchtime, wishing you had some chips instead. 

Books as albums tote bag

It doesn’t matter how many tote bags I have, I always want more and I fell in love with this concept. Yes, I’m a Swiftie, and this gorgeous print has all her albums as books – subtle enough that other Tswizz fans will know, but to other people, it’s just a cute design. 

90’s mystery box

The 90’s nostalgia obsession is so big right now, and I’m right there at the front with my jelly shoes on. These are such a fun idea for your fellow 90’s kid who’d love to rummage through a mystery box, unlocking memories. 

Real Framed iPhone Wall Art

My husband would LOVE this. I mean, he’s not getting it, but I have to admit, it is really cool. We’re big Apple nerds in this house, and this would look so amazing in his office. If you too need to buy for a tech geek, I would deffo recommend checking out this store. 

Fairy Potion Kit

I’ve bought this for my 4 year old for Christmas and I am EXCITED. Maybe more so than he is. I’m going to get some random bottles from charity shops and set up a tuff tray for us both to create some potions – I just think the ingredients in this are so pretty and a real sensory experience. The seller also does mini versions for stocking fillers, and a dino kit, that I imagine I’ll end up buying in the future too.

Felt beard

We always say that Ruben looks like his Daddy’s twin, without the beard, so I thought this would be a fun addition to his dressing-up box. I love open-ended dressing-up accessories like this, which can be part of so many different characters and I can’t wait to see him wearing it. 

Post Office Play Set

Speaking of dressing up, how sweet is this role play set? My boys both love seeing the postman and we have a little wooden post box so I think this would be such a fun gift. I love that I could set up some post-themed activities like sorting or writing letters too. 

Pickler Triangle 

So this is what my boys are getting as their main present this year and I am EXCITED. My youngest, Indiana is 16 months and my eldest, Ruben will be 4 by Christmas. Indie is a typical second-child and I want him to have something safe to climb, whereas Roo is very much like me – cautious and careful, and a little worried about being watched, so I’m hoping that having somewhere he can explore climbing safely will help him feel braver when we go to soft play. 

The Office Leggings

This is the perfect gift for the new parents in your life who are getting through the sleepless nights by binging the Office US. These are so fun and look super comfy too. 10/10 would wear. 

Tree Swing

This little engraved Tree Swing made me so emotional! What a lovely little reminder, and something that will grow with your family. 

Felt Weather Chart

Ruben is obsessed with telling me the weather at the moment. Every day he’ll tell me “Storm clouds are coming in!” And I know that they use this type of calendar at school, so I am going to get him one of these for Christmas this year. I love the little weather tokens that the child can choose to match the weather of the day. 

Have you found anything fun on Etsy recently? Let me know in the comments


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