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2018 Book Review Roundup – YA Fiction

Last year I read so many books and I told myself I’d review them as I went. Did I do that?! Did I heck! So here we are at the start of 2019 and I’m having to go back and review all the books I read in 2018! They won’t be super in depth because it would take me until next Christmas to do that many, and I also think it can be a good thing to just do a little teaser.

5 Books to Read This Summer

As I am 100% swamped with exam prep (#prayforCodie) and wedding planning ( and general life, I asked the lovely Maisie to write me a guest post and, of course, it was about books! I haven’t read any of these, so I will be downloading a few for the honeymoon (62 days and counting!)

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Wilson in my 20’s: The Illustrated Mum

You may remember that a while ago I set myself the challenge of reading every Jacqueline Wilson book that had been published since my birth, as some sort of weird semi-midlife crisis. I was all set to start, but then other books happened. And I got a little carried away with life. But finally, this week, I picked up one of my favourite ever Jacqueline Wilson books, The Illustrated Mum. 

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The Devil’s Work – Mark Edwards

I’ve declared my love for Mark Edwards’ books plenty of times on this blog, however, after reading Catch Your Death and being a tiny bit disappointed (it just wasn’t as amazing as his others!), I was a little wary about The Devil’s Work. I needn’t have worried. In true Mark Edwards’ style, it was breathtaking. 

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Wilson in my 20s

I have always been a big Jacqueline Wilson fan – her books were such a huge part of my childhood but I struggled to keep up with them as I grew up and eventually I just kinda seemed to not bother. So here I am at 24 and a half and I have challenged myself to read ALL OF THE BOOKS. I headed to google to find out exactly how many books the Queen had written and no one could give me a good answer, but it’s clear that there is a whole load. I do know that it was over 100 in 2014… That’s a lot of books.