BEDN: Where shall we go on our Honeymoon?!

Wanderlust-inflicted travel-lovers that we are, Steven and I are already thinking about our honeymoon. We have so many ideas and (sadly) we can’t do them all, so I figured there was a blog post in there somewhere!
Our first thought was Disneyland Florida, spending our days screaming on rides and watching amazing shows and taking selfless with princesses – the perfect mix of adventure and fun… But not a whole lot of relaxing!

So then we turned our attention to the more luxurious, all-inclusive holiday, where the only worry is which cocktail to have next (insert cheesy sex on the beach joke here). This is the type of honeymoon that most people have, I believe, although Steven and I have only done one “proper” summer holiday. We lounged around by the pool and took siestas and I read 5 books in 4 days. It was amazing.

That said, we are also looking at an all-American road trip. The first holiday we ever took was a month long trip around America and it was the best! We rode mules around the Grand Canyon and stayed in the Rockies and went up the St Louis Arch and explored New York – there’s so many more states for us to visit!

What about a cruise? Neither of us has ever done one of those and the idea of travelling, relaxing and exploring all at once sounds amazing – but would there be too many families on board? An African Safari? Hawaii? A private island? Skegness?!

One thing’s for sure – we haven’t got a bloody clue, but it’s a lot of fun looking at ideas!

How about you? Where did you go to on your honeymoon? Let me know in the comments!


  1. We did Disneyland Florida for our honeymoon but we did it with style (so to speak!). We decided to go for a posh hotel (Waldorf Astoria) so we could relax after a day of screaming on the rides! The one thing I’d say if you decide to do that is research where your hotel is in comparison to the parks. We were so far away from Universal but right in the heart of Disney.
    The American road trip sounds fab though! I’d love to go back to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.

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