#BEDN – What’s your Expertise?

I didn’t officially post on Saturday, but the prompt was ‘What’s your expertise’ and I thought that would be a really fun thing to write about, so I’m cheating a little and moving it today.
When thinking about expertise, nothing immediately sprung to mind, or at least nothing useful, but I figured no one said it had to be something functional, so here goes!

I am pretty knowledgable about the balance between price and taste when it comes to wine. In any shop I can tell you which wine tastes good and looks pricer than it is. This is actually a pretty useful skill.

I also like to think of myself as something of an expert in regards to Lush bath bombs. Most specifically what they look like when they fizz. I’m actually useless at knowing what is in them, or the benefits, but the colours they make – girl I got that down.

Song lyrics is another rather pointless thing I think I’m pretty good at! Song titles, or artists, I can’t do for toffee (or even wine!), but I am awesome at song lyrics if I do say so myself – I can even rap the entirety of Eminem’s greatest hits album. Bow down.

I can make most baby-strangers smile, unless they’re naturally grumpy and never smile. It involves a lot of weird face-pulling and lack of dignity, (plus a few parents thing I’m a little odd…) but when a random child grins at you, it’s the best! I’m not sure if that even counts but who cares.

Finally, I’m an expert on my kitten, Squidge. I can (& will) tell you about all the adorable things he does everyday, and what he is thinking at any given moment, and what type of litter he likes – I think that makes me an expert!

So there are my silly examples of my expertise – contemplating putting some of them on my CV! How about you? What would your expert topic be on Mastermind?

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