#BEDN: British Tag

The lovely Sarah from Raiin Monkey tagged me in the British Tag and it seemed like a great BEDN Sunday post, so here goes! Check out her blog for totally adorableness and great posts 🙂
I don’t really think of myself as particularly patriotic so this could be interesting!

(1) How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?

I never used to like hot drinks but now I’m a convert and I love hot, sweet tea! My sugar quota changes daily, but usually around 2 or 3!

(2) Favourite part of your roast dinner?

Hnng! Roasties and yorkies are the best. I would happily just eat them every day.

(3) Favourite dunking biscuit?

Rich Tea Fingers are so good of dunking! Or Bourbons <3

(4) Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

I don’t know if I’m very quintessentially British at all and I can’t seem to think of anything at all! *Googles* Oh, apparently knitting, I can do that, and I love Deco Mache so apparently that counts.

(5) Favourite word?

Sarah chose ‘Pith’ and I agree, that’s amazing. I can’t even think of my favourite word, but for now, I’ll go with ‘Pedantic’.

(6) Cockney rhyme slang?

My Nanna uses ‘Skin & Blister’ for sister so I enjoy that a lot.

(7) Favourite Sweet?

Oh man, I love me some sweets! I like Haribo and Skittles the most I think.

(8) What would your pub be called?

Something punny! Like, The Poo Inn (I’m such a child) Or Nobody Inn

(9) No.1 British Person?

Beneflick Cumberbabe

(10) Favourite shop/restaurant?

Shop would be Lush or Paperchase or those weird shops that sell random novelty nonsense. Restaurant would probably be Almost Famous which isn’t very British at all but v delicious!

(11) What British song pops into your head?

Something Spice Girls or Busted probably.

(12) Marmite?

Heck nope.


  1. Thanks for doing the tag 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your answers!
    I also had to google british pastimes haha (I am not very patriotic either!) & I’m glad you agree that ‘Pith’ is an awesome word! ‘Pedantic’ is a good one!

    Lovin’ your pub names too! 😀

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