Women’s Gift Guide*

Some of the items in the gift guide have been gifted in exchange for a review, others are affiliate links, but all are things I love. 

It was hard to not just make this a list of things I want for Christmas if I’m honest! I tried to do a good mix of things, thinking of the different women in my life. We might have a gender in common but every one of them is so different, I’m hoping you find something on this list that someone in your life will love.

Engraved necklace

I always go on and on about how I LOVE a personalised gift and I’m also very sentimental so this stunning necklace is perfect. I chose to get Ruben’s initial and date of birth on it, but it would also be a lovely gift for a partner with your anniversary date on it. It’s really beautiful quality, anyone would be happy to get this.

Personalised Prosecco

My MIL is a big prosecco fan and we’ve probably gotten her most prosecco-related novelties, but this mini bottle with a personalised label is perfect! I would love to order a few of these to either put in with other, large gifts, or just as small presents to give out. You can get them to say anything, so they could even work as a label on a hamper.


I featured the kids’ version of these in my Children’s Gift Guide but I love the adult version too. They’re a lovely pick-me-up for someone who might need to remember that you care. I think these are even more special after the year we’ve had.

Space mask

These masks are the BEST! They heat up when you open them and are SO soothing on tired eyes. I’ve only ever used them once. I sat in bed with it over my eyes, meditation music on in the background and I drifted off so quickly. An absolute treat.

Lazy Arm Smartphone holder

I feel like this is a great (but random) gift for someone who likes to bake. (Bare with me here.) On the rare occasion I am following a recipe, it annoys me no end when my phone falls down where I’ve propped it & I just feel like this would up my cooking game. Perfect for someone who has everything.

Be kind Tshirt

I love a bright t-shirt with a cute message so this would be a very well-loved gift for me! I love getting clothes as a present, especially because as a Mum, I am always buying clothes but never for myself so this would be a real treat.

Do no harm

Obviously, I’m thinking more of your sassy girlfriend than your Grandma for this one (although no judgment, you do you, Granny) but again, this is very me, and I know a few of my friends would absolutely love a print like this. I think prints are fantastic gifts, especially if you know your pal’s vibe.

The Magpies OR So Lucky

I realise I could have just said “A really great book”, but I like to be specific and these are two of my favourites. The Magpies is a psychological thriller and one of my favourite ever books, by one of my favourite ever authors. So Lucky by Dawn O’ Porter is just a fantastic book with some heart breaking, and hilarious moments. Would massively recommend either of these.


I’m all about those little changes that help save the planet and Wrapuccino is such a fantastic idea. Zero-waste, this is fabric gift wrap which can be reused by your recipient, either as gift wrap again, or a cute hair band or scarf. I think it looks so pretty and festive and will really make even a simple gift seem really special.

What is on your Christmas list for yourself this year?

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