AD| Men’s Gift Guide*

It can be so hard to buy for the men in my life. I want to get them something cool, but there’s either nothing they want, or they have super expensive taste that just doesn’t align with my meagre budget. Still, this year I’ve found some cool stuff that I think will be much loved. 

Watercolour portrait

This might be my favourite gift I’ve got for someone this year! It’s this gorgeous hand drawn and painted picture of Ruben and his Grandad. It’s just so special and the artist really captured them both. What Steven doesn’t know is that I got him one of Ruben on his shoulders too and it’s beautiful! 

The Personal Barber

Even as a woman without a beard (mostly) I’ve always absolutely loved the look of a proper, metal razor. I especially love that they are better for the environment and this kit comes with a fluffy saving foam brush that is cruelty free, as well as a eeee pampering products too.

Behind Bars

We’ve all been drinking at home a little more than usual this year, and I think it’s time to mix it up. This book is billed as “High Class Cocktails Inspired by Low Life Gangsters” and i know a few men in my life who would love this – & I would happily be a tester. 

Sesame Street socks 

I know it’s cliche to buy socks but I personally love getting socks & if steven didn’t any for Christmas from his mum, he’d be wearing ones with holes in all year round.  These are fun & he (& Ruben) love Sesame Street so it’s perfect. I’ve even seen some Bing & Flop matching Daddy & Me sets but they were only preorder so I’m gutted. (Steven is likely relieved)

The Office Playing Cards

I would love this myself so would potentially buy it for my husband so I could play it. The US Office is hilarious & I just think these cards would just bring a bit of extra fun to a game of Poker or more likely, Go Fish. 

Zzzap tshirt

I love nostalgia & i think there’s something so special about a gift that takes someone back to their childhood. Our first Christmas together Steven bought me a Super Nintendo because I’d told him how much I loved it as a child. It was the best present ever, and I cried. I think a t-shirt of their childhood favourite show is a sure-fire winner. 

VW Cooler Bag

If you can’t quite afford to buy them a camper van (just yet!) this is the next best thing. A cute VW Cooler Bag, which will be perfect for picnics and festivals. For extra points, fill it with their favourite beverages. Boom! 

What is your go-to gift for the men in your life?

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