AD| Teenage Boy Gift Guide

I genuinely think that teenage boys are the hardest to buy for. I am not, nor have I ever been, a teenage boy and if I thought I was out of touch with teenage girls, it’s nothing compared to this. That said, I have to try because there are a few teen, and pre-teen nephews on my shopping list, and my own son will be a teenage boy one day(!). So here are some of my options

An Xbox gift card

I’ve always been against buying vouchers for Christmas because it feels lazy, however, vouchers were one of my favourite gifts growing up and I wish I still got them. One of my nephews is getting the new Xbox so I know with a gift card he can buy… stuff from the online store. I’m planning on getting my other nephew who is a similar age a gift card too, although I’m not sure where for yet.

Retro gaming Tshirt

I love this. I am all about retro gaming, and I thought that maybe teen boys would be too young, but it seems that some of them still respect the classics as just as cool as they’ve always been which is nice. I think this tshirt is really cool and a nice way to connect without having to pay for a £60 video game.

Marvel comics quiz game

This would be really fun to play as a family on Boxing Day. Again, it’s a nice nerdy present that gets them away from the screens, but allows them to do something a bit sociable and show off their knowledge.

Buzz & Woody storage tins

I love a bit of nostalgia and I think these fun tins straddle the line perfectly between childish whimsy, without being too young. It would be a great gift for someone that you know loves the film, if you filled it with edible treats and snacks.

Wreck this Journal

Okay, this might be going out on a limb a little, but I think this is such a creative little book that has no age or gender. It has a differnet activity on each page, from “stand on this book” to “paint with coffee”, and the idea is that it’s a great way to have a little fun, think outside the box and do something destructive but creative.

Desktop arcade machine

I can’t afford an Xbox, but this little arcade machine is almost as fun. Again, I think this would be a really fun one for the whole family to have a bit of friendly competition on over the holidays, and a bit of a boredom buster.

Boss by Hugo Boss

I think a nice scent is a really nice gift, especially for a teenage boy who may not have found his signature yet, but is starting to want to smell good. Forget the Lynx body sprays, this is one of my faves (my husband wears this and it reminds me of us getting together). It’s a gift that will hopefully make him feel a little special.

A driving experience

Normally my gift guides would be FULL of experiences, because I think they make the best gifts, although not so much this year, with things being so up in the air. However, I do think a driving experience would be amazing, and you can get some really great ones for teens.

What would you buy for the teen boys on your Christmas list?

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