Our New Office Makeover

When Steven and I are feeling low, we like to mix things up, and we like to spend money. There’s something about that combination that makes us feel a little better, and a few weeks ago, at around 8pm on a Friday night, we decided that we wanted to move our offices around. Because why not. 


Until this point, Steven (his giant desk and all of his equipment) was in a small box room. This was his choice, I’m not some mean wife who shoved him in a glorified cupboard but still. I had the second bedroom as my office, craft room, spare bedroom and junk room. It’s a decent size but we have, until this point, used it to keep all the crap that we need to hide when people come to stay. 


So Steven came up with the genius idea that we put both of our offices in the same room, and use the small room for storage. I won’t lie, I was flabbergasted that we hadn’t thought of this before – it’s the most obvious solution! 


Armed with a bottle of JD, we set to work. It involved a lot of furniture moving and re-moving as we tried to find the best place for our desks. I like to be near the radiator as I am perpetually freezing and I wanted aa good wall to put all my cute prints on. Steven’s desk is ginormous so he needed plenty of space. We also had to deal with my craft wardrobe and a place for our friends to stay over, so after a few iterations, we managed to do it. 


We created a little sleeping cubby using the wall, the fold out bed and one of the big Kallax units from Ikea (Oh Ikea, you beautiful Swedish bastards). Having slept there myself I can confirm that it was very comfortable. 


The next day, we decided to do a little bit of decorating. We are hoping to move sometime soon (ha!) so we didn’t want to do anything too expensive or crazy, but Steven popped out for a tin of paint and a roll of white exposed brick paper. We have tried wall papering before and hated it – what a bloody drama! It reminded me of that sketch with Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds from the 90’s (just me?). However, Steven bought some where you paint the paste onto the paper first.




We were hanging wallpaper like it was no big thing. And it looks so damn cute! 


A shelf/drawer that has been used for a million things all around the house was perfect on that wall, with a TV above it, with a Chrome Cast so we can watch videos or play music on it while we work. 


Then came the fun part! Steven went away for a few days so I decided to pimp the place up – on a budget. We have very different styles generally (Steven is dark wood, overpriced minimalism, I am bright colours and florals) but there are some places where we cross over – we both like white, grey, marble, chrome/rose gold. So I played on that.


This cute angular light. Amazon £12.99 – Gives out a lot more light than our old paper shade. We also grabbed some of the white Phillips Hue lightbulbs too. 


Rose gold bin, Dunelm Mill £8.00. Holy cow are bins expensive! This was almost a tenner and it was one of the cheapest I found! There were some other ones I liked but they were almost £20 and your girl is not about that life. 


Grey Frames. Tesco £3. These were on offer when I got them, although they are showing as £12 now. I love the simplicity of these frames and as I collect postcards and prints, they were perfect. 


Rose Gold/Copper Frame. I can’t find these online but it was from Tesco too. I love the statement it makes on its own and especially with this cute postcard in from Paperchase. 


Rose gold Vase. Another Tesco treasure that I can’t seem to find online. But whatever, it’s super cute and I loved it straight away. It was less than a tenner and I bought a tiny little succulent to plant in it, with my two mini cactus’. Super adorbs! 

Plant. I watched something that said you need to have plants in a room and I got overexcited so I picked up this cute little pal. I loved the gold detail on it and it fits so well in the office. 

It’s so nice to be back at the stage where I want to spend time in the office, and it’s pretty cool having Steven there too. When I first started the blog a few years ago, and he was starting his business, we shared an office in his parents’ loft and we spent evenings listening to slam poetry and working on our different projects. It was such a lovely, happy time for us both, so I am excited to get back to doing that. 


  1. This looks really good, like the things that you have chosen. I’m a sucker for succulents so they are definitely a go-to for my office space as well 🙂

  2. I love all the wall hangings you’ve got for your office, very cute working space! xo

  3. I think you guys did an awesome job with this project. It’s been a long time since I fixed up my home office and I’d love to redecorate when I can.

  4. I love designing, and an office is a perfect kind of room that can be created with little personal touches, alongside the practical stuff. Your office looks fabulous, and an ideal environment for the purpose it is made for. Love the little touches.

  5. What a fab makeover – I love the shelf and drawers suspended from the wall – great look and practical too x

  6. Your new office is looking so funky! I love the light – I actually bought one exactly the same from Primark, copper coloured (it was just £6), and have just found a candle holder from Home Bargains that matches, and was £8 🙂 now I need that bin! x

  7. Loving your new work space, it has such a nice feel to it and I am sure you are loving it too. All the items you have fit are so trendy looking yet practical. I love it, well done!

  8. Your office looks fab. I would love to have my own office but sadly mine is shared with the lounge

  9. Office looks fab right up my street style wise. Well done Ikea you sweedish bastards haha

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