The Benefits of Zip and Link Beds

Zip and Link beds are the most versatile form of sleeping arrangement, popular at guest houses, hotels and even homes where two people sharing a bed have different support needs. They have the ability to revolutionise your bedroom occupancy and even help you (or your guests) have a better night’s sleep. 

What is a Zip and Link bed?

If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, the chances are you have slept on a Zip and Link bed. Quite simply, they are two beds, (usually single-sized) where the bases can be attached together via a secure metal bar (or link) and the mattresses are zipped together, to form one larger bed, often a double, or a king-size. These forms of attachment are strong and seamless, which means that the guest sleeping in them is unlikely to even realise what they are sleeping on. 

So what are the benefits of a Zip and Link bed?

Versatile sleeping arrangements

Whether you own an Airbnb, a hotel or just a home where you welcome different combinations of guests, a Zip and Link bed system allows you to quickly and easily move between offering two single beds (perfect for children for example, or two adults who don’t want to share a bed) or one larger bed. Especially if this is your livelihood, the more configurations you can offer, the more likely you are to be booked up regularly! 

Personalised mattress solution

Perhaps you and your soulmate are a compatible couple in every single way – except that he likes a firm mattress and you prefer to sink into a much softer option. You could either find a compromise that leaves you both unhappy, or opt for a Zip and Link bed. By choosing half-and-half mattresses that meet your individual comfort needs, you can both enjoy the perfect night’s sleep, without having to sleep in separate rooms! 

With both parties having their own mattresses, you also eliminate the risk of rolling together, especially if you are different weights – something that can be a real problem in traditional mattresses. 

If one of you is an early bird, and the other is a night owl, you might find yourselves being regularly disturbed by the other party getting in and out of bed, however with two Zip and Link mattresses, the motion transfer is greatly reduced and you can sleep easily. 

Easier delivery

“Pivot! Pivot!” – there aren’t many places that could easily accommodate the delivery of a king-sized bed as-is, but if you want to offer your guests a larger option than a single, this is the perfect solution. You will have two single beds that can be safely and securely attached after installation and it’s unlikely that a guest will even notice. Ideal for a hotel with narrow corridors, or perhaps if you run a guest house and need an easy, lightweight way to change the room configurations in a quick turnaround between guests. 

For a hotel, B ‘n’ B or guesthouse owner, investing in a Zip and Link bed is a great way to versatile your offerings and appeal to more customers. For home use, a Zip and Link bed could save your relationship, offering you both the support and comfort you need to get a great night’s sleep, together. 

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