AD| Mothers’ Day Gift Guide 2024

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Mothers’ Day is a tricky one for me: on the one hand, I lost my own Mum when I was pregnant with my first son, so it hurts my heart a little when I think about the day. However, I have two beautiful sons and I am so proud to be a Mummy, so rather than feel sad on Mothering Sunday, I like to focus on how lucky I am to be one of the Mums who gets to be celebrated. I also like to take a moment on the day to thank my Mum for sending me the best gift in the world – my boys. I’m not sure a bunch of flowers would match up! 

I’m a sucker for a soppy, personalised gift, and Etsy is my husband’s go-to place for gifts for me. (& he always nails it!) So, here is my annual Etsy Mothers’ Day gift guide for the mother figure in your own life. 

Birthstone jewellery 

My lovely friend Bethan actually bought me a necklace with my family’s birthstones on for my birthday and I just adore it. I love that to anyone else, it just looks lovely and colourful, but I know that each stone represents the birthday of my husband and kids. 

Clay earrings

Speaking of jewellery, these earrings are very me! My boys love looking at my ridiculous earring collection and helping me choose which ones to wear, so I love the idea of them picking out some for a gift for me and I know they’d love something a bit fun, like these. 

Embroidered Sweater

I say it every year, I love anything with Mummy/Mum/Mama on, and my kids names – even better! So this sweater is really special and I appreciate that it comes in different colours because anything light gets immediately stained in my house! 

Birth flower Sweater

If you want something personalised but more subtle, this birth flower sweatshirt is just so pretty and special. 

Bluey Cup

Every morning, I do the school run with either an iced coffee or a protein shake so a cute cup would be a practical gift for me and I love Bluey! 

Shower Steamers

These are great for when Mum needs a little pamper, but doesn’t have time for a bath. Pop them in the bottom of the shower and pretend you’re in a fancy spa.

Rob Ryan Screenprint

Rob Ryan is my favourite artist and I dream of owning a screen print of his! I’ve got mugs, plates, books and even tiles from his store. A piece of art from your Mum’s favourite artist is sure to be a total winner. 

Personalised Plush

These are ADORABLE! They have listings for the whole family and I really think I’m going to have to invest in them at some point. What a fun, unique idea! 

Pin badges

When I worked in a job that required a lanyard, it was covered in cute little pins like this one and I knew who gave me each one. I think they’re such a sweet present, you can find one that appeals to anyone, they’re affordable and you can stick them in the post easily!

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