How to shop for everyone on your Christmas list using only Etsy

Being enormously pregnant and exhausted, I haven’t been able to do a lot of actual high street shopping this year. In fact, 99% of my Christmas shopping has been done online at 3am, after stress cleaning, and eating a bowl of 3 Weetabix. So I feel like a bit of an online shopping expert. My go-to app for gifts is Etsy, simply because I love finding super unique gifts, and knowing I’m supporting indie artists makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So here are some cute gift ideas for all the family!

Gifts for Mum

Crochet shopping bag £12.00

I love that this bag is super eco-friendly but also really stylish. Your mum will appreciate a gift that is as practical as it is cute.

Personalised locket £47.00 

Find me a Mum who doesn’t love a sentimental gift and I will be very surprised! A locket like this is so special and extra points if you make her happy-cry on Christmas morning.

Jewellery dish £10.99 

There are so many people I would buy this cute dish for – it looks so much more expensive than it is! Your Mum will feel fancy AF with this trinket dish.

Gifts for Dad

Wooden watch £57.60

Watches are such a good Dad-gift and this wooden one is so stylish – perfect for a Dad who wants to stay cool.

T-rex Cufflinks £11.00

These are so fun, I wish I wore cuffs! There are so many awesome options for tailoring the cufflinks to your Dad’s tastes, whatever they may be!

Personalised docking station £16.55

Dad’s seem to have a lot of gumph! Instead of cluttering up his bedside table, get him this cool wooden docking station where he can keep all his random bits and bobs.

Gifts for your Boyfriend/Husband

Beard brush £16

Yours doesn’t have to say Daddy on it (unless that’s your bag, no judgement here!) but if your man is bushy-bearded like mine, this cool brush will be most appreciated.

Business card holder £8.12

Getting your OH something business related shows them that you support their career. I always try and get Steven something to do with his company (he’s a badass MD), to remind him how proud I am of him.

Breakfast in bed tray £30.50

Hint hint. I love this personalised breakfast in bed tray. It’s easy to carry and perfect for snuggly Sunday mornings.

Gifts for your Brother

Bards dispense profanity game £20.26

If your brother is anything like mine, he is competitive and also hilarious (but don’t tell him I said that!). This game will make for a fun boozy laugh on Christmas day.

Whisky glasses £21.11

Make your brother feel classy AF with these forrest whisky glasses. He’ll feel like Ron Swanson and that’s everyone’s dream, right?

Vinyl clock £21.69

I love that this is the perfect mix of nerdy and nostalgia. If you and your brother grew up playing on Super Mario, he’ll love this!

Gifts for your Sister

Whale mug £16.48

Whale, whale, whale, how cute is this quirky mug? This will be a super cute gift for your sister, whatever her age.

Pimp your gin £4.99

Fancy up your gin for just a fiver! Not only do they taste amazing, but they look cute AF too. And hopefully, she’ll be willing to share!

Star sign print £12.00

If your girl is in to astrology, this stunning print will make her day! I love this design and it looks so nice in a thick white frame.

Gifts for Children

Wooden blocks £26.00

Personalised Wooden Xylophone – – £13.99

Wooden blocks £26.00

I love wooden toys for children and these blocks are just super stylish. You can have hours of fun with simple wooden blocks.

Personalised Wooden Xylophone £13.99

I am all about any gift with someone’s name on – I guess it’s a side effect of having a name that is never found on anything! Also, I’m always the one who buys noisy/messy gifts so I imagine that’s going to come back to bite me when we have our baby!

Wooden farm playset £27.99

I really appreciate that there’s a little carry handle on the barn, so that it can be put away tidily. I mean, it probably won’t be but it’s very sweet!

Gifts for your best friend

Plant pins £18

Pins are one of my favourite little gifts. I love these ones because they have cute little quotes and they’re rose gold and I am basic AF.

Concrete plant pots £9.24

Speaking of plants, these will look so cute in her room, whether she goes for a real plant or the much more low-maintenance plastic version.

Personalised phone case £8.99

Marble, rose gold and personalised – I mean, I know this is a mix of everything basic but it’s so cute! Just check you’re 100% sure what model of phone she has before ordering.

Gifts for Grandma

Chopping board £18.00

Is your Nanna/Grandma/Nanny a pro cook? This chopping board is the perfect mix of practical and sentimental – and will hopefully give her a reason to bake you up some cookies.

Grandmother Necklace £30

This necklace is so delicate and pretty. I know my Nanna would love this and the card it comes on is really beautiful too.

Gifts for Grandpa 

Hometown puzzle £32.43

This just seems like the kind of nerdy gift that a grandad would love. And by a grandad, I mean my husband haha.

Grandad Bear Mug £8.99

This mug is super cute and a great gift from your little ones to their favourite grandad bear!

A gift for a New Mum

Need more sleep jumper £14.99 

Let the new Mum in your life know that you understand how tired she is. I love the style of this sweatshirt too, perfect to put on on days when you just can’t cba.

A gift for Newly weds

Last name sign £24.26

Trust me, when you get married you want everything with your new married name on so these signs are perfect!

A Gift for New Homeowners 

Hello door decal £4.06

I’m in love with this cute little decal! It’s such a quirky, unique gift for your friends who have just bought their first home.

A gift for The cat 

Personalised cat bowl £21.07

If you’re surprised that I’m including a gift for the cat, then you must be new here. These bowls are so cute and can be personalised with your kitties names!

Phew – so there’s my epic gift list of how you can shop for everyone using just Etsy! What do you think?

These links are affiliate links which means if you buy anything from them, I’ll get a little kickback, but it won’t cost you anything. And undoubtably I will spend the money back on Etsy because I have no self control.

Merry Christmas y’all!


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