AD| Magical Touches for Christmas this year

I don’t think it’s unfair to say “What. A. Year”! I think we all need a little extra festive cheer this year, and so, before I start with my gift guides, I have put together this little Etsy guide of little touches for making Christmas extra magical this year. 

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Christmas Sensory Play Kit

I love to set up fun, seasonally-themed sensory Tuff Trays for Ruben, and this kit has everything you need for a festive day of sensory fun. I love that the play dough is scented and there are so many lovely open-ended loose parts. 

Personalised Christmas Sack

This sack is so sweet and something that could be used every year for gifts. Last year we actually used a very beloved, but tatty pillow-case type sack that was Steven’s as a child, and although it was a lovely sentimental moment, I think it would be so nice for Ruben to have one of these of his own, perhaps for little stocking fillers (which I am yet to buy!). 

Kraft Paper Tape

Not only is this tape really lovely and festive, but it’s also fully recyclable which I am all about! I think we will wrap gifts with brown paper (or at the very least, a recyclable option) and a tape like this will jazz it up, but also make it much more eco-friendly. 

Christmas Eve Wish Wand

This is such a unique idea and I love the idea of making it a bit of a Christmas tradition on Christmas Eve, waving the wand and making a wish. I love the little poem too. I think this would be a lovely addition to a Christmas Eve box, that could come out every year. 

Reindeer Food Bag

This is another really special tradition to start, and I love that they encourage environmentally friendly reindeer food. No glitter, just oats or seeds are perfect! This is again, lovely for the Christmas Eve box and ready to come out again next year. 

Make your own Cracker DIY

I love a cracker, but hate plastic cracker tat. These are the perfect remedy. They have your guests’ (provided we are allowed guests this year…) names handwritten on beautifully, and contain a chocolate coin. You could even put in a little note or something special too. 

Clay tags

These are such a special idea, as the recipient can keep them as a little decoration, or you can ask for them back to reuse for their next gifts. They’re just a really sweet rustic design that would jazz up any gift. 

Lockdown Bauble

I didn’t like a lot of the 2020/lockdown themed decor, but this poem seemed really special. I think it would be nice to get if you’re unable to see special family or friends this year, and as a reminder of what a difficult year we’ve all battled through. I like that it focussed more on the positive side of things. 

Personalised Christmas Mug

I just get absolute vibes thinking of drinking an OTT hot chocolate out of this while wrapping gifts and watching Love Actually. It’s really fun and timeless and I imagine it would fit a mulled wine in pretty well too! 

You can check out more Christmas decor here. Let me know in the comments if you find anything exciting while perusing!


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