The Lush Spa & Pregnancy

Y’all know I love Lush. Especially now I am 35 weeks pregnant and practically a whale, I just want to live in the bath with my Kindle and a selection of cruelty-free bath products. So when I saw that Lush Liverpool were having a pregnancy event on a day I just happened to be on annual leave (thank you to the 12 people who gave me the heads up!), I knew I had to go! I wanted to find out which products were safe for me to use and if they had any Lush pregnancy products they recommended!

A selection of Lush products including those safe for pregnancy

Lush Pregnancy Spa Treatments That Are Safe When Pregnant

When I was first pregnant, I popped into the shop to ask if there was anything I couldn’t use and was told that it’s only really (ironically!) Sex Bomb bath bomb that you can’t use when pregnant – I was so relieved that I could still splash about in biodegradable-glitter-filled water and slather myself in Sleepy before bed. Amazing.

What I hadn’t realised, until this event, was just how perfect some of the spa treatments were for pregnancy!

I’ve been to the spa before and previously tried The Spell and The Comforter – both if which were absolutely incredible. I’ve been desperate to go back and after hearing about the Lush pregnancy-recommended treatments (while getting an incredible hand and arm massage!) I am even more desperate to fit one in before baby Wright makes his grand appearance.

So what are the treatments?

A picture of towels and Lush pregnancy products at the Lush spa in Liverpool

The Spell

You can read a full review of The Spell here, but this magical treatment is all about the feet (perhaps it should be called a feet-ment hahaha!), which as any pregnant woman will tell you, really get a beating during those 9 months. For a start, I haven’t been able to see my feet in a few months so who even knows what kind of a state they are in, not to mention having to carry around a whole load of extra weight and some less-than-glam swelling too! Anyway, the magic of this treatment comes from the use of reflexology, which makes you feel as though you’ve had a full mind and body treatment while mostly focusing on your tootsies. There are some points that aren’t supposed to be manipulated in pregnancy, and the Lush team are super aware of that, so you don’t have to worry. The treatment is all about alleviating worries and stress so you practically float out of the treatment – perfect whether you are pregnant or not!

A photo of Lush products safe for pregnant women and a jug of bright flowers

The Validation Facial 

As much as you like to think you look like Beyonce when you’re pregnant, you probably won’t feel like it. I know I’ve spent a lot of my pregnancy feeling like a troll so a facial that will make you feel beautiful inside and out is my jam! What I love about this treatment is that it is totally bespoke to you. You tell the therapist how you want to feel and how you want your skin to feel, and then you go through each of the products to decide what will give you the best outcome. This is so unique as other facials tend to be whatever brand has exclusivity in the salon, and are only focused on whether your skin is dry/oily etc, whereas this is more holistic. You also get a massage on your shoulders and neck, hand and arm and décolleté too, so you feel like you’ve had a full experience.

Sound Bath

My lovely pal Kiah reviewed this treatment  and I’m sure she will do it a lot more justice than me, but this is one of Lush’s most interesting treatments. As you can imagine, it’s all about sound, using tuning forks to bring balance to the body. I got a small taster of this at the event and it was amazing! I would never have imagined that it would be so relaxing but after just 3 minutes I felt great. It’s said to be even more effective than an hours meditation and I can see why! The treatment also includes a face and head massage, hot and cold stones and ear candles, so you can really feel in tune with your body – again, this is perfect for during pregnancy when you feel completely off balance!

Tales of Bath

Okay, this is the treatment I want more than anything! It’s a 75 minute treatment, inspired by the hot sprints of Bath Spa. Think shoulder massage, before getting in an actual bath(!) with a bathbomb, while a recording reads you stories from Bath and then an incredible side-lying (so peret for those of us with large bumps!) full body massage with hot oils. Apparently the massage is sleep inducing too, and as someone who has really struggled getting comfortable and sleeping over the past few months, this would be ideal!

An image of Lush pregnancy products, towels and a candle at the spa

The best thing about Lush pregnancy spa treatments is that they are a whole experience. From the second you are greeted at the door, to when they say goodbye, they make you feel as though you are the only person who matters and even if you are someone (like me!) who is very anxious, they will make you feel so at ease.

So, pregnant pals – treat yo’self! Or leave some hints to your partner for the perfect baby shower gift 😉

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