Easy Christmas Crafts with Moonpig #MerrierTogether

I love Christmas, and I love crafts, so when the good eggs at MoonPig invited me into Leeds for a day of cocktails (virgin for me of course!) and festive crafts with some bloggers, I knew that 35 weeks pregnant or not, I had to go! 

It was a lovely day, and I’ve come away feeling festive and crafty, so here are the three crafts we did at the event and how you can do them at home to get yourself feeling Christmassy – even if you are lacking that Neil Buchanan gene. 

Santa’s Sack

This was my favourite activity we did because it was super crafty and we all sat chatting and colouring happily. We had a plain sack, with some lining paper inside it to stop the colours bleeding, some fabric pens and some stencils. I can’t show you the top of the sack as it has baby’s name on it, but how cute is the rest? Stencils are dead cheap and you can choose to be as Christmassy or not, as you like! I think this would be a fun idea for kids as a pre-Christmas activity, with a film on and some mince pies. Or grab some mulled wine and have a crafty night in with your pals. 

Wreath making

I’m so happy with how this turned out – mostly because we had a good instructor! You can buy foam or cardboard wreaths from craft shops and then it’s a case of wrapping ribbons around it and adding little bits and bobs. For ours we had some cute burlap ribbon to make a bow, and fixed everything with a pin or florist tape. We were all copying the instructor for this, but you can really go crazy and do what you want. Glitter, buttons, foam shapes – whatever you have around will look lovely and again, it doesn’t have to cost a lot but can be a fun activity. The fact that this is all fake will also be perfect as we can get it our every year. When BabyWright is a little older I’d love to get him to try and make one of his own too!

Personalised cards

There’s something about a Photo Booth that I cannot resist! We were able to take pictures with fun props (of course!) and then turn these into a Moonpig card. This is the perfect craft if you’re not super crafty as it doesn’t require much. Just take some photos (the sillier the better I think!), and upload them to the Moonpig site. I’m a big Moonpig fan because sending a personalised card seems so thoughtful, but usually it tends to be because I’ve left it too last minute to pop to the Card Factory and buy some stamps! I love that you can buy a set of the cards too, so I’m deffo going to make this a tradition when BabyW is here. Steven & I love to take cheesy Christmas pictures but we often leave it too late, whereas at least with this one we’ll be able to send them directly to the family. If BabyW makes his appearance in time, I think we will take a picture and send a MP card down to my family – and the best thing is, I won’t have to leave the house which is the last thing I will want to do with a newborn! 

Some people love a classy Christmas, where everything matches (Steven is one of those) where as I love things a little tacky and covered in glitter! So I love the DIY vibe. But if you want something personalised without looking homemade, you can check out Moonpig’s personalised sacks here, and while you are there, check out all the other gifts you can grab and get sent to your friends and family without any fuss.

Thanks to Moonpig for the invite and to Matt for the photos. I’m feeling so festive now!


  1. I LOVE how you’ve made Little Ones Christmas sack! That’s going to be something to seriously treasure over the years! I remember my Nan bought me a Christmas sack with my name on when I was born and I STILL use it 31 years later! It’s not Christmas unless my presents come out of that bag!


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