Second Trimester Update & a Giveaway!*

Can you believe I am 28 weeks pregnant?! If all goes to plan, we will be meeting our little rainbow baby in just 12 weeks and I am so excited! I love reading other bloggers’ pregnancy updates, and it occurred to me that I’ve been slacking a little with my pregnancy blog posts, so here we are! 

So, baby W has a name and that’s been a huge weight off my shoulders. It feels a lot more real now that we can refer to him by a name and the more we do it, the more natural it feels. He’s a real wiggler now which is amazing, because although it’s an odd feeling to have a tiny human kicking your insides, it’s also freaking incredible – absolutely magical and now that Steven has managed to feel him kicking too we are both basically giddy all the time. 

His nursery is coming along, not as quick as I would like, but apparently being pregnant makes everything a whole lot harder – who knew?! I have bought so many cute little cloud-themed bits to decorate it with, but for now we are working on the more boring things like painting skirting boards and things. I’ve also started washing all his tiny clothes and I basically cry every time I see something super tiny. We are so lucky to have been given so many amazing little things, some lovely hand me downs and some that are brand new. He’s already so loved. I sat and paired like a million pairs of freshly-washed tiny socks the other day. Steven and I never wear matching socks, so I can’t imagine baby will end up doing, but for the first few weeks I’ve got the best intentions at least, haha! 

We also decided on a pram which was a real mission! We tried so many but none were quite right. Some required like 5 steps to fold down and I could just imagine me, in Tesco carpark, holding a crying baby while it chucks it down with rain, just kicking the pram to try and get it to fold. No thank you! We even tried all the classic ones that everyone raves about, like the Bugaboo and the iCandy but they just didn’t feel right. In the end we chose a Nuna and it’s so bloody easy to use! It looks really comfortable for baby W which is super important and it has loads of cool little hidden bits – including a pocket in the back that’s the perfect size for an ipad! Amazing! 

We were also gifted the most beautiful blanket and bib from Handmade Blankets by Naomi and they’re so soft I want an adult one! When it came to choosing a bib there was no competition – I bloody love these spiffy little foxes looking super fancy in their little hats! I love bandana shaped bibs, they just look so much nicer than the rounded kind. The blanket was harder to choose because there are so many amazing designs. I loved the little woodland one, but I decided the clouds would just be so perfect with his nursery and will be nice and gender neutral for if we have another. You can also choose the minky on the other side, and it’s so soft. Thank you so much Naomi, you wonderful human. To buy your own check out her shop. 

I made this video about all the weird pregnant symptoms that I’m lucky enough to be experiencing! It’s not for the faint of heart, but I know any other pregnant pals will be able to empathise. Even despite the general discomfort, I am loving being pregnant. I find myself constantly rubbing my bump and just this morning Steven and I got really excited that I’m finally starting to get some stretch marks!

I don’t feel like I look my best, but weirdly it’s not my body making me feel self-conscious, I just hate my hair, and my face at the moment and that’s a real struggle. I can’t even really dress cute to take away from it because maternity clothes are pricey and I’m starting to get pretty huge. Luckily Steven tells me everyday that he thinks I’m beautiful and I try to focus on the fact that my body is creating an actual freaking human, and then suddenly having to wear the same few outfits on rotation isn’t quite as bad! 

We have also been going to a hypnobirthing class for a few weeks and that’s been really amazing! I feel super excited to give birth, which isn’t a feeling I was expecting. I’m basically a bit of a wimp, so this is some sort of a miracle. Would you like a blog post about our hypobirthing classes? Let me know! 

So that’s where we’re at at the moment. I am struggling to sleep and put my shoes on but baby Wright is kicking away and we are slowly ticking things off the todo list. I can’t believe how soon he will be here!

To celebrate, I’m giving away a pair of tickets to the North West Baby & Toddler Show on the 28th – 30th September. If you’re not lucky enough to win, you can get 1/3 off the tickets by using code “BL10” at checkout!

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  1. Congratulations on your bun in the oven! You must be so excited! That little fox bib is just too damn cute. Wishing you lots of happy moments with your soon-to-be bundle of joy! xx

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