The Purrfect Christmas gift for your… Cat?!*

I love a good hamper. There’s something about a sweet little basket full of treats that appeals to me, and so when Prestige Hampers offered to send me something in the post, I was stoked. Would it be one of their cheese and cracker baskets? Perhaps one of the fancy chocolate ones?

No friends. I was sent a cat hamper and I couldn’t be happier! 

Y’all know Squidge is my furry baby and he’s pretty spoilt as it is. So this fish-shaped basket full of goodies was met with much excitement from us both!

 Doing his happy ‘I love you’ blinks!

Doing his happy ‘I love you’ blinks!

He basically ripped it open himself, presumably because he could smell the (two!) bags of treats or the catnip budgie. We taught him to play fetch when he was little and he loves playing with balls. These are a little heavier than usual which means he can ping them around the house and he spent ages playing with them. I’m really happy that there were a few in the basket because when one inevitably ends up under the couch, he has some spares and I don’t have to heavy my pregnant ass on the floor to find the first one. 

 It was hard to get a picture without his furry little face in it!

It was hard to get a picture without his furry little face in it!

The mug is really cute and very us – Steven and I both fight over who the cat loves most. Of course, as a cat he is super fickle so it’s really a case of whoever is feeding him at the time! It’s a good quality mug though, certainly not a cheap-feeling one, and as mug-connoisseurs (AKA people who have far too many mugs!), we love a good quality vessel. 

I love that it also came with a little bowl too. It’s the perfect size for water and has a really cute, simple fish design which I am all about. He’s had his other bowl for a few years now, so perhaps it’s time for a change! 

Once we’d emptied the hamper (with Squidge helping with the packing!), Squidge decided that actually it would make a perfect little bed. It’s in the shape of a fish, so perhaps not the most practical for a chunky fur-ball but that has never stopped him before and he looked pretty proud of himself as he settled down for a little nap! 

I always think that hampers are a pretty great gift for anyone. Prestige has loads of amazing Christmas hamper ideas, whether you are buying some someone who enjoys a good tipple, or prefers a nice cup of tea, there are so many different options in a range of prices. I could spend hours looking at all the different options and choosing which ones I would like and who I’d buy the others for. They are a fantastic Christmas gift if you’re not going to be able to see the person over the festive period, as it can be delivered directly to them, or if you are, you could see if they will share their goodies with you! 

Also, they do new baby hampers too 😉

Thank you Prestige Hampers, you really made my day, and Squidge’s and we were so happy with the hamper you sent us! <3 

 PS - this is one of the bags of treats after Squidge got his paws on it!

PS – this is one of the bags of treats after Squidge got his paws on it!


  1. I love this so much! I am pretty sure my cat would be the same with the hamper and sit in the middle of it!

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