Rocking Maternity Wear with Boohoo*

When I imagined myself pregnant, I figured I would wear long flowy dresses, and paint-splattered dungarees every day and look like a life-giving Goddess. Really, I’ve been wearing dresses that are too small, and ride up because my bump is too big, thus showing my bum to the world. I’ve found it hard to find maternity clothes that aren’t too ‘mumsy’, as I’m just not there yet. So when Boohoo asked if I wanted to check out their selection of maternity wear, I was so on board! 

It took me all day to decide on what to wear as (thank goodness!) there was actually a lot of amazing choices! Normally, I’m the queen of a cute ditsy print tea dress, but my rule when I am approached by brands is to step out of my comfort zone (although let’s face it, I will probably buy those dresses on payday anyway!) so instead I went for this outfit.

I’m a jeans-or-leggings kinda gal usually. I don’t know why but I can never find trousers I like, or that suit me, but when I saw these, I knew they were the ones. I love how they make your bump look like a gift with the little bow and I wish I’d been braver and gone for the grey as I love them, but I figured I could make the black work a little easier. These are a great buy for the office as they are smart, but you can dress them up with heels – unless, like me, your feet are swelling daily –  gross. 

I went for this three pack of maternity T-shirts as I figured I could mix it up with my new trousers. These are so soft and comfortable that I wish they came in even more colours. Perfect with jeans, under a pinafore, or tucked into trousers, for £15 these are a bargain.

Finally I grabbed a cute necklace to tie it together. I love a layered necklace and this one made me feel like I’d made a bit of an effort, even though really I was so tired this day I thought my eyes were going to fall out – yay! 

The trainers were also from Boohoo, although I bought these myself. I’ve not worn trainers since I was in Year 11 doing PE so I was worried about how to style them, but my much-more-stylish blogger pals suggested getting a pair so I grabbed these on sale and I’m actually into them! I love the little gold detailed zips on the side. 

So, it’s safe to say that Boohoo have upped the game when it comes to maternity wear (why does everything else have to be stripey?! I like stripes but I don’t need to look like a beach ball every day of my pregnancy pals!) you can be a sassy mama without breaking the bank. 


*Boohoo kindly gifted me clothes in exchange for this review, however I will never let that get in the way of being honest with my readers and I will only work with companies I like and would buy from myself. 

This post may contain affiliate links which don’t cost you anything more to shop through, but might give me a little kick back.


  1. These look fab on you. With my second pregnancy I couldn’t find a single piece of maternity wear my whole pregnancy as for some reason it was all frills ?
    I ended up sporting oversized t shirts and my husbands coat, it was not a good look!!! Any way, back to my point, I’m glad there is finally somewhere that is doing on-trend maternity wear that is also comfortable and practical. as let’s face it, being pregnant is hard work… even when you are doing nothing, you are doing something huge, growing a new life! I hope your remaining weeks and months are relatively easy going x

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