Haute Dolci Luxury Desserts*

When it comes to luxury, I am not a fancy lady at all. I don’t wear designer clothes, and I’m happy enough in a budget hotel, however, one luxury area I can get on board with is desserts, so when I was invited to try out Haute Dolci and their range of deliciously decadent desserts, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes!


Dolci is just outside of Cheshire Oaks, and is the perfect place to end a long day shopping. One thing you will notice from the outside is how already special it looks. Dessert bars and restaurants have become really big recently, but this isn’t your local village, cute-n-quirky place, this is shiny black luxury from the second you walk in and I am here for it! I felt like a VIP.


We were greeted by incredible smells as soon as we walked in, and were whisked away to the Private Dining Area – is this what it’s like to be famous?! 


Our waiter was a lovely, very chatty man (whose name I have forgotten but he told us to call him Uncle), who went through the various options on the huge menu for us. He encouraged us to go for something different to our normal favourites to get the most out of the experience and told us which were his favourites. 


We were given huge, incredible drinks which could serve as a dessert themselves! Steven’s was full of coffee and cream, which was quite heavy, and even he agreed that having that plus a dessert was quite a lot – this is from the human dustbin that is my husband! 


Mine was fruity and refreshing (non-alcoholic of course) and I could have drank it several times. It was a lot lighter and went really well with the desserts so I would recommend that! 


While we were waiting we were treated to chocolate shots and honestly, I would eat these everyday if I could! Steven went with a basic milk chocolate, and I was a little more adventurerus and asked for raspberry with mine. Incredible! It had fresh raspberry in it and I’m not asked to say  made sure I got every last little bit out of that shot glass! 


We both chose the waffles, but Steven prefers a lot of chocolate etc, whereas I am all about that fruit life. These waffles are thick AF and with the melted chocolate and strawberries on the side this is not a small dish! However, every mouthful is a tiny piece of heaven and you will want to eat every last bit. Thankfully, they do offer take out boxes, so if your eyes are bigger than your tummy (as both of ours were this night!) you can take it home and eat it as a midnight snack!


So, if you’re looking for a special place to go to celebrate a birthday, an exam result, or a Thursday, I would 100% recommend Dolci! 


Here’s a link to Instagram to see just some of what’s on offer: https://www.instagram.com/hautedolci/ 


*Dolci offered me comped desserts/drinks in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of them – but they are good eggs! 

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