Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas

Y’all know I LOVE Coolstuff.com for quirky and unusual gifts, and I’ve been working hard with them behind the scenes to put together a gift guide of things you probably won’t see on many other lists. I’m giving some of these things out for Christmas, so if you happen to get something from this post, please act surprised!

Cat window bed – £8.99

If you don’t buy a Christmas gift (or two!) for your cat, then I am judging you! I wasn’t sure Squidge would be into this but it turns out, he loves it. We put it up quite high so his royal highness can look down on us as he likes to do, as well as survey the garden. It’s super sturdy, even for our chunky little fur ball and such a good price for the quality.

Himalayan salt lamp – £24.99

I won’t lie, this is one thing we are keeping ourselves because I love it. Aesthetically it’s super cozy looking, but also it’s said to help clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and even help you sleep. I am all about that life!

Tassen Bowls – from £14.99

I’m a sucker for anything with a face on and this range is so fun! We chose the gold-rimmed bowl, but I also love the mugs, and the vase too! They’re just a cute, quicky addition to any home where the occupants are only pretending to be real grown-ups.

Vegetable chopper – £16.99

I love a kitchen gadget and I know my MIL does too! Just pop in the things you need chopping into this little device and all the cord a few times. Ideal for chopping fruit, or making a salsa, or even just cutting onions without your eyes streaming.

Instaburger – £21.99

Speaking of kitchen gadgets, this is a cool idea for anyone who likes to make their own hamburgers. Before I was a veggie, and I still did Slimming World I LOVED their homemade burger recipe but didn’t love shaping them with my hands so this silicone hamburger mould would have been perfect. We have a friend who is v handy in the kitchen so I think he’ll love this!

TV Lighting – £12.99

I gave this to Steven as an early Christmas present and he was so excited. We mounted our TV on the wall a few months ago and I have to admit, it does look super cool with lights around it. Another gift idea for someone who has everything they could possibly need. Or yourself.

Stone Power Bank – £12.99

Remember when phones used to stay charged for days?! We all know that’s not the case now though, and this power bank is stylish AF and will keep you powered up. The smaller one, can charge your phone up to three times on one charge, or grab the bigger one (£24.99) which has two ports and can charge it up to six times. Ideal for traveling, festivals or just everyday emergencies.

Water disco light show – £11.99

This is one we are keeping for me – I mean, for the baby! This is the ultimate sensory play accessory, as it floats in the water flashing away in different colours. Whether you want to make bathtime more colourful for the kids, or get yourself ready for a big night out, this light is super fun.

Inflatable Swan Drink Holders – £4.29

A perfect accompanyment for the disco light, this two pack of swan drinks holders are so fun! Use in the pool, hot tub or just the bath to keep your can or glass afloat. You can also get a Unicorn or Flamingo version – super instagramable and practical too!

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas for some slightly more unusual gift ideas this year! My pals at Coolstuff did send me these items, but none of the links are affiliates and my opinions are the same. They also own the photographs – except of course the one of Squidge!

Let me know of anything fun and quirky you are buying someone for Christmas this year!

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