5 Essentials for Movie Night*

Annoyingly, last weekend, our TV broke. The TV we only bought in January. And the naughty supermarket we bought it from is not going to do anything about it. Huff!
This has led to Mr Wright looking at more fancier TVs to replace it. He’s a big fan of this big ol’ Panasonic 4K TV which he swears will revolutionise our lives…! If anyone wants to treat us…?

In the meantime, I popped over to my lovely friend Katherine’s house, for a cozy movie night, and it got me thinking, other than an exciting TV, what else is essential for a good film night?

1. A film. Duh. We watched Pride which I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. It’s based on a true story and follows a group of young lesbians and gays helping support the miners during their strike. It will make you feel ALL OF THE

FEELS. Watch it!

2. Snacks! The naughtier the better. Katherine lovingly provided sweets, and hilariously wonky (but delicious) cupcakes. So good!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 16.22.153. Blankets are very important. Onesies are optional too if that’s your bag. I personally need this amazing Ninja Turtle Blanket (another one for the gift list?!).

4. A friend. Don’t be a loser. Katherine is wonderful to watch films with because she tolerates my hilarious commentary and knows the names of every actor, as well as their last 10 roles! IMG_6635

5. Time! This is something you have to make. This film night was part of my self-care routine, as I am working a lot at the moment and getting home fairly late and then carrying on working. It was so nice to spend time with my bestie, eat some snacks and cry over a film.

What are your must-haves for a film night? Did I miss anything?

*I was compensated for this post, however I will only ever accept sponsored posts for products that I believe in*


  1. The art of making a movie night a full on event is getting lost in place of us watching something alone on our laptops in bed. It’s easy to forget how epic it can be to have a group of friends eat junk, laugh together and crash out under a pile of blankets and bits of popcorn!Good on ya Codie for keeping the movie magic alive! x

  2. I love a good movie night it is always so much fun and I prefer it to going out. Love getting some popcorn and crisps/ drinks in while I watch the movie too!

  3. I think it’s amazing that this is apart of you’re self care routine. We have to have blankets and snacks too, wouldn’t be a proper movie night without these

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