The Big Money Challenge!

As we’re saving for the wedding (eee!), I thought I would try a little blogger challenge, and see how much I could make/save just using the internet, inspired by the lovely Emma at From Aldi to Harrods. Here are a few things I’ve decided to try, that seem pretty good! I’ll keep you updated on how we manage to do! The Selfie Lottery

This seemed a little too good to be true, but after researching it, it’s all legit – Yay! Basically, you upload a selfie and this puts you into a daily draw to win at least £10. If the winner doesn’t claim their prize, it rolls over to the next day. You also get 50p for checking every day, which is pretty cool. If someone you refer wins, you get the same amount as them too. If you follow this link, you’ll be referred by me & I’ll love you forever, and then you can spread your referral link and hopefully we’ll all be rich someday!

Prolific Academic

I’ve often been stung by survey sites, that promise you’ll be earning before you know it, only to never actually be approved for anything… ever! I found Prolific and gave it a little research and so far, I’m impressed. Instead of surveys, it’s studies, to help researchers out. It also only shows you ones you’re eligible for, rather than making you answer 10 questions before telling you they no longer need you!

I did two yesterday in less than ten minutes during my lunch break and made £1.20. It doesn’t sound like a lot but hypothetically, if I made that every week between now and the wedding (eee!), I would end up with around £120. Not bad for ten minutes work a week! You can cash out at £5 so you don’t need to make hundreds before you get access to it. Again, I have a referral link, which if you go though, helps me out a lot and doesn’t make any difference to you.

Update: As of November 1st, I have earned around £25!

Top Cashback

We don’t shop a whole lot online, but when we do, we try to go through Top Cashback. so far we’ve earned about £20, which I’m pretty happy about since we do often forget to use it! It takes you to the exact same site, and you can shop with companies like Asda, EE, Amazon, as well as travel companies and insurance for bigger amounts back. They will also show you any offers going on, such as 25% off Sky TV Subscriptions, etc.

If you’re someone who buys a lot online, even if it’s just a monthly food shop, this is a great way to get some money back. You can cash out at any time, with no minimum and totally free! The money can come via PayPal, or if you choose vouchers (Amazon, High Street) or Tesco Club Card Points, Top Cashback will add a little extra to it!

This is another one, where I’m planning on just keeping it ticking over, and withdrawing just before the wedding to help a little.

Another affiliate link of course! I don’t earn anything until you’ve reached £10.00 in cash back, and at the moment I have £180 worth of referrals just waiting until they’ve hit their target.

I have to make very clear that although I am giving you affiliate links, I would only do so if it was something I believed was legit and was genuinely happy with. I wouldn’t just do it for the money. It just happens that these three ways of making money give you an affiliate option that I would be silly to ignore! If you have any questions about how they work, drop me a comment – I’ve researched them extensively so hopefully I can help! 

How about you? Do you have any ideas for (legal!) ways to make money online?


  1. Ooh I’m going to have a look at the selfie lottery one, that sounds interesting. I will use your link :)Have you heard of Quidco? It’s a cashback site, I have around £90 so far which is really good 🙂 here’s a link (it is a referal one, hope you don’t mind)
    Every little bit helps though doesn’t it.

    Oh yeh there is a mobile app called VoxPop which I use to make money, you just answer questions by recording yourself and hey presto you get paid! 🙂


  2. I LOVE TopCashBack, I’ve earned a few hundred back over the last 2 years from that site alone – from holidays to home insurance, not only am I still getting the best deals, but a little extra back in my pocket doesn’t go a miss either! I never used to shop a lot online but now, now you can get cash back with lots of high street retailers, like New Look, Dorothy Perkins and River Island who all have collect in store options too – so sometimes I will mooch online, order a few bits and when I collect in store I try them on then and there, if it’s not right I can get a refund before even leaving the shop – this is great if you’re doing a big shop or you live very close to the store and don’t need to factor in petrol/bus fare etc!
    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. It’s pretty great! I’ve only been doing it for just over a week and I haven’t won yet, but I’ve made about £5 just in visiting the site 🙂 x

  3. The selfie lottery sounds fun but I guess only much use if you actually take selfies 🙂 The PA site sounds much better than survey sites which trade in random amounts of points and you need ten bazillion-gillion to make a fiver, interesting thanks.

    1. You only need one selfie so it’s not too bad! I was worried I would need to take one every day – ain’t nobody got time got that! But yeah, it’s so frustrating to realise you’d have to do a millioin surveys a day for a few pennies! x

  4. i love these tips. i really need to get some extra cash as i’m off to malta in a few weeks (argh) so i’ll be following these up.

  5. such good ways to make some money. I really need to get involved, in desperate to make a few pounds to put towards my wedding too xx

  6. Love these tips! I signed up to a load of survey sites a few years ago, I never seemed to get picked for anything either!

  7. I know of plenty of ways to earn money online which is why I started my personal finance blog.
    I love Prolific Academic and the selfie lottery even if I haven’t won on it yet lol

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