Top Four Podcasts That Everyone Should Listen To!

Right now, I am absolutely obsessed with podcasts. My poor Spotify subscription lies mostly dusty and underused whilst I almost miss my stop on the train because I’m so deeply enthralled with some audio chatter.
Podcasts are genuinely such a lifeline to me. When I’m home alone, or feeling particularly anxious, listening to a podcast (particularly the first one on my list) somehow calms me down and distracts me. When I feel like I may be on the verge of a night-time panic attack, I know putting on a podcast will help stave it off and get me to sleep.

As the friendly, giving person I am, I figured I would share with you, some of my absolute favourites, in hopes that you too, can find love in the podcasting world.


The Complete Guide to Everything. 

This has, and will always be, my number 1 podcast. I stumbled upon it completely by mistake around about 5 years ago and since then, have not only listened religiously ever week, but also been to every live tour that they’ve done in the UK. Tim & Tom hilariously discuss topics , ranting about baby boomers and going off on Jeopardy-themed tangents. I listen so often, I forget that we don’t actually know each other in real life! I have introduced both my best friend & my other half to TCGTE & thankfully, they’re both huge fans too. The audio quality for the older episodes are not great, but they are hilarious, and lay the foundation for a lot of later recurring jokes.

(I happen to feature in the Live Episode: Conspiracy Theories – so give that one an awkward listen!)

Ear Biscuits

Although I’ve seen a few of Rhett and Link’s YouTube videos, and generally enjoyed them, I don’t tend to watch them a whole lot. However, I find their podcast entirely fascinating! Each week (and right now I’m trudging through the back catalogue) they speak to “someone interesting from the Internet”, covering their childhood, relationships and YouTube. I can’t really do it justice but it really is amazing. Especially when they speak to someone you love, like Grace Helbig and you find out so much about their lives. It’s hilarious but also really deep at times and very enjoyable.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

At the complete opposite end of the scale is Grace Helbig’s own podcast. As Rhett & Link’s first guest, Grace openly describes her podcast as a similar format but resolutely avoiding talking about deep issues, and instead, delving into awkward stories, favourite animals and hilarious word association games. It’s particularly interesting to hear guests who have previously been on Ear Biscuits take on this altogether sillier interview. I have so much love and respect for Grace, and I think she’s a very intelligent woman. This isn’t just someone trying to ask outrageous or random questions, it’s so much more and it’s my go to podcast when I’m at work.

Dear Hank & John 

I love the VlogBrothers, especially their dynamic when they’re together, so this podcast is a dream to me. Answering listeners questions and giving updates on the news from Mars & AFC Wimbledon, this is quite a lot shorter than the above podcasts but perfect for a train ride or walking to work. You’ll laugh and you’ll learn.

So there you have it, my four must-listen podcasts! If you’ve never listened to them, why not give it a go?

Do you have any podcast recommendations?

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