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The Buda-best of Budapest

We’ve had an amazing four days and I already know a few people who are planning on venturing out to Budapest this side of Christmas, so I want to make sure my reviews and blogs on this are as detailed as possible. Hopefully they’ll be just as interesting to read for those just wanting to know about our trip, as they will be useful to those using them as travel advice.

This week…

I am off to Budapest! (We leave in a few hours and I’m not even slightly packed yet… Oops!) I’m going to blog and vlog my adventures whilst in beautiful Hungary, but I’m not sure if/how much internet we will have, so if I don’t post for a few days, or reply to emails, this is why! I guess I …

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Travelodge, where dreams go to die

New on the list of ‘least desirable places to die’, is a Travel Lodge in Bolton. Can you think of anything more depressing? For those of you, lucky enough to have never encountered a Travel Lodge, let me enlighten you.

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On a midnight train going anywhere…

It’s 8:21am on a Wednesday morning, and I’m sat on what they tell me is a train. It’s nothing at all like any train I’ve been on, and reminds me more of a scratty old school bus. Yep, the two carriages of my Northern Line “train” have seen better days, but man, am I glad to be on it.

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Spending New Years with The Bard

Sometimes, being wonderfully spontaneous and last minute, isn’t so wonderful after all. Take New Years Eve for example. We started planning a little trip away, on Boxing Day.

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Our most recent trip was a little 2 night break to Amsterdam. We booked in on a whim (as is our style), via a Groupon deal. The actual booking was a bit stressful, as they gave you terrible flight times (getting in at 10pm on your first day, and leaving at 5am on your last day, thus getting no time…)

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Come away with me…

At the grand old age of 21, I had only been abroad twice. Once, as a small child with my best friend and her family to Greece, of which I remember mainly the pool and a restaurant that we danced in a lot, and once on a cultural exchange to Hungary as a hormone-filled tween, interested slightly more in kissing boys than learning about culture…