La Bandera, Manchester Review

It’s not very often I get to go out for anything fancier than Pizza Express (man, I love dough-balls!), so when I do, it’s only right that I blog about it!This weekend, myself, Steven and his parents met up with Steven’s brother James in Manchester for lunch. James lives in the city so he always knows where to go and La Bandera was a great choice!

A stylish tapas place, we ordered a random selection of food, asking our lovely waitress to just choose some things she’d recommend for us. I’m a big fan of tapas. I love the way it’s like a lazy person buffet, and I don’t have to walk to a table! It’s also
exciting to have “a bit of this, a taste of that” and for it to be okay, in fact actively encouraged, to share food – I don’t like to miss out!

After a glass of incredible champagne and a few glasses of white wine, I stopped being able to remember exactly what I was eating but it was incredible! I was obsessed with these beautiful little potato cubes (I have no idea what they’re called… I am the worst!) and could happily have eaten nothing else for the rest of my life.

As someone who doesn’t like sea food, the squid and octopus didn’t sound very appealing, but I’m never one to refuse to try something new so I gave them a go. I could tell they were beautifully cooked, and if I were a seafood fan, I imagine I would have very much enjoyed them – but I am glad I got to try them.

The pork and lamb sliders were incredible, as were the ham croquettes and even the pig cheek was lovely when you ignored what it was! As a group of 5 it was sometimes difficult to split things that came in portions of 4 which was a shame for some things, but I think we all managed to try a bit of everything.
Although we were full by the time the 15(?!) plates had gone, we did order desserts (partially to soak up the alcohol!). I got a gorgeous triple chocolate dessert in a mason jar, with a strawberry on top and a cheesecake-like bottom. Incredible!

Quote of the day from Steven’s Dad “ooh, that prawn looks happy to see you!”…


We’re certainly not the quietest of groups, especially after a few glasses, but the waitress was absolutely lovely. Very patient and friendly and was happy to have a laugh with us.

Overall, an amazing meal that left us all feeling stuffed for the next few hours & potatoes to die for!


  1. You need bigger pictures so we can see the delicious food in detail 🙂 I want to see the dessert in a mason jar too!

  2. I love Tapas too. It’s the best way to eat, as then you get to try loads of different types of food, and some that you wouldn’t normally eat. Looks great, glad you had a lovely meal .

  3. Oh wow this place sounds really good and good to know you felt fill at the end of it – thanks for sharing
    Laura x

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