#BEDN: Perks of being a Grownup

As I wander around the haven that is IKEA, and marvel at the different receptacles on offer for storing toothbrushes, I have to admit, being a grownup can be fun at times. For example, the immense pleasure of having an empty wash bin or a newly-filled fridge, is akin to being bought a new Polly Pocket when I was 6. I know that that should make me sad, but I still feel like I’m holding on to the best bits of childish wonder too. I can eat sweets WHENEVER I WANT. How cool is that?! I could eat nothing but ice cream all day if I chose to!

I can stay up late (though I don’t want to because sleep is wonderful!), and I never have to go to school. Don’t get me wrong, work is hard and stressful too, but if you don’t like it, you can just find a new job! (Okay, perhaps not as easily as I made that sound but the point still stands).

Although paying bills isn’t a lot of fun, living in a house is! Steven and I have been living on our own together for well over a year now, but I still get giddy that we don’t live with any “proper adults”. We could have parties every night if we weren’t so introverted and lame! Whenever I realise I can have friends stay over and don’t have to ask anyone, I give an internal cheer – in fact, I often have friends over on a school night! Take that responsibility!

In hindsight, it may look like your problems as a child or teenager were nothing compared to your problems now, but if you remember correctly, those things seemed like the end of the world! Not being invited to a birthday party back then would lead to nights of tears and disappointment. Now however, you can just post a bitchy tweet and feel fine.

As much as I voice my reluctance to become a grown up (& turning 24 in two weeks isn’t helping!), there are some perks I’m willing to accept!


  1. This is so funny. I love those perks too, having a credit card and the ability to buy all the toys and desserts I want and a dog makes being grownup a delight.

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