Yes, I Threw my Cat a Birthday Party

The first thing you need to know, is that I love my cat. In my opinion, he is the best furry being that has every existed, and even when he’s sat on my keyboard, knocking over plants, or attacking my hand, I still think he’s perfect. 

So of course I was going to have a party to celebrate his first birthday.

The idea started off as a joke, but as soon as Steven said ‘Yeah, we should!’, my mind was made up! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one for messy, boozy, noisy house parties, but I do like a good novelty cake, silly hats and several bottles of wine with good friends, so it seemed like a good idea. 

 Look how bloody cute he is!

Look how bloody cute he is!

We only invited a few of Squidge’s friends, and it was a modest turn out (it was actually the exact same people who came to Laser Quest for my own birthday!). 

Earlier in the day, Katherine and I had popped into town for a few birthday bits. I had wanted to make games and go all out with the theming, but I had been poorly so I had to make do. I am still pretty chuffed with how well it turned out! 

We got these lovely tableware items and accessories from Wilkinsons, and they were beautifully colourful! The banner was huge, so I cut it into a few pieces to spread around the house, and it was a bargain at 75p!


The matching napkins were £1.00 for 16, and the table cover was £1.50, we also got these lovely bright plates for £1.00. We figured if we didn’t use them all, they’d be greta of picnics in the summer. The cups were just £1.00 too, as were the party hats (which were a little tight… Almost as if they were not intended for grown ups!).


Wilkos really has some lovely little party things, and they were such a good price – I had to stop myself from getting carried away!

I made this rather awkward looking cake from an Aldi packet mix (ain’t nobody got time!),

and Steven’s mum showed me up with these adorable cake pops! 

 This picture doesn't do it justice - I was a few glasses of wine in by this point! 

This picture doesn’t do it justice – I was a few glasses of wine in by this point! 

Squidge loved all the attention, and especially all his new presents (yep, people bought him presents!), most of which had feathers and dangly things for him to hunt – his favourite! 

There was an odd moment when we were singing happy birthday, me holding Squidge, Steven bringing in the cake (complete with candle of course) where we all just lost it a bit. This is what we were doing with our Saturday night! It was pretty lovely though. 

We ate and drank, and chatted and it was wonderful. It was amazing to see how much my friends, and fiance are willing to humour my silly ideas, and whether he knows it or not, how much this little cat is loved. 


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