Baby Christmas Gift Guide*

Some of the items in the gift guide have been gifted in exchange for a review, others are affiliate links, but all are things I love. 

For Ruben’s first Christmas, he was only 10 days old, and so his main Christmas present was the gift of life after a 3 day back-to-back labour. We did get him a few little bits, and last Christmas we did buy quite a few more presents. Here are some of the best gifts for a baby in your life this year. 

Really Useful Baby Hamper – £25.00

This gift set is just beautiful and something I know I would have loved when Roo was firstborn. A gender-neutral bodysuit, a GORGEOUS Winnie the Pooh muslin, a little hat, and teething toy, wrapped up in a beautiful gift-wrapped box. This is really handy if you’re someone who has no idea what to buy a newborn baby as they do all the work and it’s a really thoughtful gift. 

Halilit Baby First Band Gift Set – £22.50

One thing Ruben has loved since he was first born, is music and this set is the best beginners instrument set for babies. Even little ones will enjoy grasping the handles on the bells and rattles, and banging on the drum. 

Textured Pop blocks – £12.99

These blocks are great for tiny hands as they have different textures on each side. They can be chomped on by teething gums, and as your baby gets older, you can teach them to stacks and do colour and number recognition.  

Hunny Bunny Stacker – £12.99

Ruben is about to turn 2 and still loves this stacker. It has different sizes, textures and colours but is a really stylish baby toy. They have little handles on the sides which make it easy for baby to hold, and little beads in the bottom ring too. 

Activity Snugglerug – Cheeky Faces – £25.00

This gorgeous tummy-time aide is so sweet and a lovely way to encourage your little one to strengthen those neck muscles. There are little bits for them to interact with on the ring, including a cute soft little monkey, a teether and a mirror. It even has little loops where you can add some of baby’s own toys. 

Skip Hop – Avocado Guitar – £17.00

This looks so fun! A smiley little avocado guitar with lots of buttons for your baby to explore and a spinning pit to enjoy too. It has prerecorded songs, and lights up too so your baby will have a lot of fun working on their fine motor skills and their music appreciation. 

Christmas Hanging Star Frame Wood – 2020 – £5.00

I love this sweet little hanging decoration to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas. You can get this personalised with their name, and even add a photo to the middle if you want. 

Record Book Always Love You  – £9.50

Another lovely gift for a baby who is too young to appreciate many toys. A record book is a gift that will last a life time and this one has really sweet illustrations. 

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy – £14.99

This is a holy grail of baby products! Not only is it a super cute giraffe toy, but it is AMAZING for teething. Ruben chomped on his Sophie for hours at a time, and whenever we went to baby groups there were dozens of babies, all clutching their own giraffes. 

Activity Toy – Skip Hop Stack & Pour Bath Buckets – £12.00

Bath toys are an absolute winner, again, something that lasts for years to come. These little buckets are great for stacking, have cute little characters on them, and different sized holes for little sprinkle effects. 

What are you buying for the babies in your life this year? Let me know in the comments.

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