Yellow socks with a picture of my face, Ruben's face and basketballs

#Ad – Personalised Socks with my face on?!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m someone who never found her name written in glitter on headbands, or on keyrings in gift shops – woe is me – but I am all about personalised gifts. So when Printsfield asked if I wanted to order some personalised socks with my FACE on them, I was super excited! I didn’t know just how much I wanted to see my mug on a pair of socks, until that email landed in my inbox and now it feels like a lifelong dream! 

There are so many options on the site, from pet mom themed socks, to boxers covered in hearts and your own face. Nothing quite says “I love you” like undies covered in selfies. I love the idea that you could get this for a long-distance lover, or as a joke gift for a leaving present. The possibilities are endless (almost!). 

I spent hours trawling through the site, trying to decide what Steven would like the most. A pair of boxers with the cat on perhaps?! In the end, I put together his three favourite things – Me, Ruben & basketball. There was a pre-made pair of basketball socks, where you could opt to add faces to make it even cooler. I ordered the socks and didn’t tell Steven so when they came through the post it was a hilarious surprise for us both. 

Yellow personalised socks with photos of me, my son and basketballs on them

I won’t lie, as socks go, they do feel a little weird. They’re not the most comfortable material, but as a novelty gift they are amazing. Steven compared them to in-flight compression socks. But with my face on them! The quality of the pictures were amazing and I was really surprised by how well they came out, and how easy it was to set it all up. 

A close up of the personalised socks

The shipping takes around 2 weeks in Europe, but it looks like we’re in some sort of lockdown for at least that time, so how hilarious would it be to send someone you love some socks with your chops on them?! 

You can get a sweet 20% off anything on the site with my code: codiekinz20 and there is currently a pretty good sale on the website as it is anyway! There are no limits to the people you can surprise with some hilarious socks. 

If you do order any personalised socks of your own, let me know – I’d love to see them! 

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