YeeRah Liverpool – Restaurant Review*

I’ll be honest, when YeeRah slid into my inbox and asked if I wanted to review their new menu (note to companies: always yes!), I couldn’t for the life of me recall having ever seen them before. It wasn’t until we went the escalators in Liverpool One and I saw the restaurant that I remember passing by so many times thinking “Ooh, that place looks good”, before being boring and going with a trusty often-visited place instead. 

So I was super excited to check this out, especially when I saw the beautiful decor (a whole loads of fancy lamps were handing from a part of the ceiling. I love it).

We ordered some water while we perused the menu but it didn’t come. We re-ordered it when we asked for the drinks and it still didn’t come. In fact, our starters came before the drinks (and when the waitress brought them over we did ask once more for a jug of water and it finally came!). That is my only complaint – the service started off a little slow even when it wasn’t very busy and the busier it got, the more often waitresses asked us if everything was alright – almost a little too far the other way.

Otherwise, it was amazing. 

Steven and I are both vegetarian and I have a “delicate palate” when it comes to any sort of spice (I don’t even like the plain dishes at Nandos… I’m the worst!) so we certainly aren’t the easiest to find food for, but we didn’t struggle at all to order at YeeRah. 

We kicked off the meal with the most delicious spring rolls (I could live on spring rolls!), perfectly crunchy on the outside, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. We also got the Bruschetta, which had garlic mayo rather tomato as I am used to and I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it really did! 

For mains, I had the veggie Singapore noodles and they were divine! Tasty and full of flavour but no spice – perfect for me! You could get it with chicken, beef or prawn if that’s your thing too, and I would highly recommend it. 


Steven ordered the veggie Pad Thai and I even had a little taste of that. It was pretty great but too spicy for me. Steven loved it though! 

We ordered chips as the sides, although I really fancied mashed potato but they were out 🙁 The chips were nice enough, but it was the mains that stole the show. 


Because I fancy myself as a bit of an alcohol expert (/ I drink quite a lot…) I decided to grab one of the cocktails on offer. There is a pretty great selection but I chose the Raspberry Blush because it said “The Princess of all cocktails” and I know myself. It is gin, elderflower, lychees (not that I am 100% sure what one of those is!) and fresh raspberries. It was really nice and thankfully you could taste the alcohol so there was no way I could get too excited and drink it all quickly like I often do and end up a little drunk.


Finally, the most important part of any meal, the dessert. I really fancied the lemon tart but they were out of that too, so I ended up choosing the gluten free vanilla cheesecake, which was lovely. Steven had the huge Double Trouble Chocolate Cake, which was too big even for him to finish! Delicious!


Overall, we had a great time at Yee Rah and we will certainly be coming back! Although service was a little slow at the start, the food more than made up for it and the presentation was beautiful. 

*Thanks to YeeRah for inviting us to try their new menu. This doesn’t affect the content of the review. 


  1. Ahh it’s a little frustrating that there were a few issues with the service and being out of foods, but I’m glad you wrote about that as it shows complete transparency and gives them useful feedback.

    Your noodles look absolutely gorgeous- great choice there! The photos are beautiful and you looked lovely, too x

  2. Hey, cool! I just recommended this place to a colleague today, having eaten there a few times on business. Really delicious asian menu. I’ve had the udon before and they were amazing. Singapore is my fave Chinese dish so I’d be excited to see how Yee Rah do it… Thanks for the post Codie.

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