What’s in my Pre-Wedding Bag?*

Everyone knows that when you are close to your pregnancy due date, you pack a baby bag full of the various baby-related things you need. However, I am not having a baby (yet), I am getting married around 5 hours away from my home, so yes, I have started packing my pre-wedding bag already. This is rare for me. I am last-minute-larry when it comes to packing and always have been, but recently I’ve been packing a few bits ready for the big day (or rather the weekend on which it happens!) and thought I’d share some of my faves here with you.

Sonic Chic Toothbrush – How cute is this?! When I’m travelling, I like to have a toothbrush with a lid on, because heaven only knows what crap is in the bottom of my suitcase. This toothbrush not only has a lid, and a colourful fun one at that, but it’s also bloody electric too! One Christmas, as a small child, I asked my big sister for an electric toothbrush. That was the gift I most wanted. What can I say? I’m a geek about oral hygiene! As this is a travel toothbrush, I was expecting to compromise of the electric side of things, but it actually works so well. This would have been a godsend when we were at Leeds Fest! As it is, it’s packed in my wedding bag ready to give me some pearly whites on the big day! 

I am an anxious human. Everyone knows this, and I am so nervous about the wedding that it makes me want to vomit. Not the part where I marry Steven (although thinking of myself as someone’s wife is so bloody weird!), that’s the one bit I am chill about, but the rest of the day makes me feel sick. I’m anxious about people looking at me, about things going wrong, about people having fun – everything. 

Thankfully, I have some go-to aromatherapy blends to keep me cool(ish!). I love this Scentered De-stress Therapy Balm that I tend to keep in my bag for those anxiety stricken moments. It’s not too over powering smell-wise and I really feel like it works. Even just the act of getting it out of my bag, applying it to my pulse points and taking a few seconds just to breath helps relax me. I think it’s going to be well used in the few days before the wedding, as well as the big day itself!


Kate Spade Miss to Mrs Tumbler – from rooi.com I’m obsessed with this! It’s just beautiful, but also really sturdy and practical too. I love cups with straws because, even though I am an almost-married woman of 25, they are more fun to drink out of. So sue me. I have a few of these types of cups but the cheap ones crack easily or the straw gets all bendy. I took this on my Hen Weekend (blog post to come!) and it faired up pretty well over a weekend of heavy drinking and glamping! I can’t wait to get some cute shots of me drinking Mimosas out of this the morning of the wedding!


The BodyShop Drops of Light Liquid Peel is my favourite beauty product at the moment, partially because I get pleasure from the gross. I’m not sure of the science behind this, but basically you rub it gently on to dry skin and your dead skin just kinda peels off. It looks like wet toilet paper and it’s the most therapeutically disgusting thing ever and your skin really does look amazing after using it. I’m popping this in the bag to use the night before, to give myself a glow, and the relaxation that comes from moving your own dead skin. Lush. 

Malibu Robe by Richard Haworth – from rooi.com Is there anything that screams luxury more than a plush white dressing gown?! This one is so soft, and so white, I feel like I’m in a fancy hotel and spa, rather than my own, slightly cluttered home. I’m obviously packing this is the bag for after bath/shower indulgence – I think it makes me look like I’ve got my life together a bit more than I have too! Bonus! 

I’m terrified but excited and can’t believe how quickly it’s all coming around! If any one has any top tips to enjoy the day, or things I need to add to my wedding essentials bag, please let me know in the comments. 


These products were kindly gifted to me by Sonic, Rooi and Scentered (from the CarnLIVal goody bag) but this does not affect my review at all – I will only recommend things I genuinely believe in. 

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