Unique Jewellery with Nude*

If you know me, you’ll know that classy and understated is not, and has never been, my style. I am all about colours, mismatching, and silly novelty items. However, when Nude Jewellery got in touch and offered to let me choose something to showcase on the blog, I was very excited. This stuff is beautiful and it was so difficult to choose what to get! 

I decided to go for a pearl set, because it’s something that is so out of my usual style. I didn’t even realise that there could be so many different colours of pearls and that I would love them all. I struggled to decide on which colour pearl I wanted to go for, so I let Nude surprise me because there wasn’t an option that I would have been unhappy with. 

They sent me this black peacock set which makes me feel like a cross between a classy lady of the past and a modern-day witch! Each type of pearl has a matching pair of earrings and necklace so you can really make a statement. 

Another amazing things about Nude is that they do unique handmade engagement rings so if you are planning on popping the question this Christmas season, take it one step further and check out these unique rings that will really stand out on that iconic Insta post! 

Whether you’re buying your mum some pearls, your girlfriend an engagement ring or treating yourself to one of their new anklets, Nude has an amazing range of beautiful pieces that have clearly been made with love. 

Even Squidge loves them! 

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