How to feel your very best at Christmas – Guest Post 

Hello to all of Codie’s lovely loyal followers! I’m Hayley, and Codie has been kind enough to let me into her space and create a guest post for you as I start to branch out my new blogging platform.


I wanted to create a post around confidence at Christmas, something I have already touched upon in a recent post of mine. It’s a busy time and with that comes all kinds of pressure; from attending busy events to perfecting presents for those we love.


With this can cause unnecessary stress and is essential we still look still after ourselves. It’s a time of year to feel good, relax and re-charge your batteries ahead of the new year work rush. With that said, I want to share with you some of my top personal tips for a less anxious and more fun filled end-of-the-year break.

1. Try not to stress about what to wear


If you’re anything like me, as soon as you receive an invitation you panic about what to wear, who will be there, do I dress smart casual or go all out evening-ready? Too many times I have over thought what to wear for a party or event to the point I have ruined it for myself. Instead, try give yourself plenty of time to find something to wear and try it on when you’re feeling good. Also go through your wardrobe first  to see if you can glam something up that you know you feel comfortable in.


2. Don’t compare yourself to others


It’s so easy to listen in to other people’s conversations about their organised Christmas plans, the amount of presents they have already bought or how it seems they have the perfect family getting together at this time. But nothing is ever as it seems and it’s so important to go at your own pace. Anything from trying to cram present buying into one weekend, or inviting extra family members to a party you know you’re going to struggle to cater for can all count towards added stress. Think carefully about


3. Keep up a regular pamper routine


We’re all guilty of leaving those pesky leg hairs a little longer than we should over winter, as well as neglecting our usual beauty regimes we keep up so well during summer. (I can’t really talk, my eyebrows currently need a good threading!) But we forget about how an extra hour or so week spent pampering ourselves can make you feel so much better. When you do get a free evening, have a hot soak in the bath and treat yourself to a glittery type bath bomb. If tanning is your thing, keep this up so that when it comes to slipping into a dress, you have some nice colour. You never know when after-work festive drinks may come up either, so it’s always good to be camera ready.


4. Keep hydrated


It’s still so important to keep hydrated in the colder months, yet seems like such effort to drink ice cold water as it can really send you freezing! To me, keeping hydrated is better than not drinking at all, so try opt for green teas or something with a hint of ginger or lemongrass. Personally, I love Pukka teas which are organic and bursting with goodness. They’re also great to enjoy whilst having some down time too, and I especially like the chamomile, honey and vanilla.


5. Enjoy a balanced Christmas diet


A lot of people punish themselves for overeating in this 2-3 week period, but Christmas doesn’t always mean you have to over indulge. To avoid feeling like you have over eaten, try to include hearty goodness into your seasonal cooking. I’m by no means saying that you shouldn’t eat what you want, but try to include ingredients that are nutritious and have benefits. This can include snacking on nuts, opting for red wine rather than white, and using let overs to create hearty soups to enjoy in between festivities.

Here’s me looking extra confident at my last work Christmas party: 


So there you have it, my top tips for feeling super confident and good at Christmas. It would be great if you could check out my blog, and if you like what you see, even follow me on Instagram.


H x 

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