In 2021 we will FINALLY buy a house – I hope.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that we have been trying to buy a house for YEARS. Due to being self-employed, getting pregnant and a casual global pandemic, it’s certainly not been easy, and every Christmas I tell myself “This will be the last time we have Christmas in this house” – before another year of festivities in the same rented house! 

When you’ve been looking at buying a house for so long, you become a bit of an expert on Rightmove and I’ve been thinking recently how the things I wanted in a house when we were a 24 year old newly-engaged couple, is very different from what we want now as almost-30 year old, parents of almost 2 children.

When we were young and cool (lol, okay, never cool) we wanted a really modern new build. Despite being messy hoarders, we always image ourselves in a gorgeous, stylish IKEA-esque minimalist space, entertaining our very cool, artsy friends with wine and cheese and sparkling conversation. 

But realistically, what we really need is a toilet on each floor, for when we’re potty training. An open-plan kitchen so I can watch the children trash the house while I prepare a million snacks. And a whole load of storage for all the huge, impractical toys that children just absolutely must have, and you can’t possibly get rid of. 

With Steven running an entire business from a cabin in our garden, I know we will need space for that (or the equivalent), and also plenty of garden space for the children to run riot in, however as none of us is even slightly green-fingered, I’m not looking for something that requires a whole lot of maintenance, but still looks nice when my friend bring their children over. 

Steven would love a hot tub. I’m much more realistic about the fact that we live in England, and am happy with a B&M paddling pool on that one sunny day we seem to get in September. 

I would like my boys to have their own bedrooms ideally, and the boring, pushing-30 Mum in me would love to have a utility room to do (or hide!) all the washing. I am also desperate for a bath

So where are we at? Well we’re working on paying those last little bits off and I’m determined to be debt-free before I’m 30 (not including my student loan because we all know that doesn’t count!). I’ve also been using some different tools like this mortgage calculator to see how much roughly we will be able to borrow. And of course, like all wishful millennials, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest and Rightmove dreaming of that new home. 

Hopefully 2021 will FINALLY be the year. 

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