NumNoms: Crazy Creation*

I would have absolutely loved Num Noms as a child – cute little food characters that hide secret rubbers, lipgloss and stamps? That is my vibe! 

So when they challenged me to make a #NumNomsCrazyCreation I was 100% up for it! The idea was putting together an odd food combination, to create something delicious, for example the Cronut (donut + croissant!). 

I grabbed some of our niblings (Did you know that’s the plural for nieces & nephews?!) and borrowed the mother-in-law’s kitchen and with an overly-extravagant video set up (perks of having a videographer as a future husband!) we got to work. 

So what crazy creation did we make? Well, check this out…! 


Are you feeling inspired to make your own Crazy Creation? Make sure you use the #NumNomsCrazyCreation and tag @NumNomsUK to let them know! 

Thanks to Num Noms for sending us this kit to make our own! 

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