Motivation! (Or, How I made Steven agree to getting a kitten!)

With us both having a whole host of creative and business endeavours, it’s important that Steven and I try to keep each other motivated. That is how, this afternoon led to Steven agreeing we can get a new kitten for our new house as soon as I reach 10,000 views on Youtube and 200 Subscribers!

Let me start from the beginning. I decided we needed more targets, and therefore rewards for those targets. We both wrote down a list of things we wanted to treat ourselves to, in varying degrees of expense and/or desire. Our lists were very different to one another! Steven’s ranged from cardboard folders (he’s easily pleased) to some sort of wireless transmitter thing that I don’t fully understand. Mine included new bedding, getting my nose re-pierced and of course, a kitten. We both included a few Lush products too!

We then swapped lists and allocated each item a target. For example, a few of Steven’s smaller wishes, involved simply finishing a set number of projects, where as his bigger, more pricey ideas were linked to income. Some of mine had general life targets, such as getting our deposit back, or celebrating the first payslip from my new job (whatever that may be!).

It’s much more exciting having the rules set by the other person. I feel a bit more accountable and instead of just buying things ‘because’, I have an achievement to link them to. It makes me feel a lot more driven – I love targets and competition and hopefully it spurs me (and Steven!) on to get writing, making videos and generally working hard.

I want that little fluff-ball of a kitten! To help me in this quest, you can visit my Youtube channel here

So how about you? What would be your reward for hitting a goal?

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