That time I exposed myself on a video… CRINGE!

Confession: I am rubbish when it comes to checking my Youtube videos fully before I upload them. I know I should, but I am impatient and I hate the sound of my own voice (contrary to popular belief!). Usually, this doesn’t cause any huge problems, however, earlier this week I uploaded a Lush haul. I was informed that I’d forgotten to put background music in, so I edited and uploaded again. I was then told that I had only changed the volume on half the music and therefore it drowned out my voice. So I edited and uploaded again. I figured it was third time lucky, until I gave it a little watch this morning and noticed a cameo…
My ‘va-jay-jay’ had somehow found itself featuring in a small clip… CRINGE.

Let me explain. I decided, when filming this haul, that I wanted to include clips of the bath bombs fizzing away. On one of the days, I had used the ‘Yoga’ bath bomb and taken a little recording of it, fizzling all orange in the bath. When I got in, however, I realised that it had started to change colour and it looked amazing. I called in my willing other half and asked him to record the bomb as my hands were wet.

My camera has a very wide lens…

Evidently, what had happened, was, as Steven diligently followed the little fizzy ball around the bath with my camera, he hadn’t realised that he had inadvertently included my nether-regions in the shot. Me being me, had also not realised until it had been up for several hours, gaining over 30 views, including my mother-in-law-to-be… Thankfully, no one had noticed. At least, not that they would admit. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty subtle, but it was certainly there. Twice.

So, if you happened to see my Lush Oxford Street Haul uploaded several times, you know why now. I have now edited it to (hopefully) include no unsavoury view of my genitals, and re-uploaded. Again. Now I must go and boil my head in embarrassment!


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