Morning Gloryville Liverpool

The lovely people over at Morning Gloryville Liverpool invited me to one of their super early morning (who knew there was a 6.30 in the morning?!) wake-up raves at Constellations, and intrigued, I grabbed a friend and decided to explore.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I read every page of the website, looked at pictures on Twitter and even asked around. A few people had heard of the Morning Gloryville events (which take place all over the world, including NYC, Amsterdam and Tokyo!) and seemed surprised that I hadn’t. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock.

If you too, are unaware of what exactly Morning Gloryville is, let me enlighten you. Imagine, a group of people, dressed in all of the colours, doing yoga and raving to a live DJ. But it’s early in the morning, no one is drinking, and there are children around too.

They describe themselves as “an immersive musical, creative & holistic experience, rewriting the rules of both raving and fitness all around the world.”

Basically, it’s super cool and I would like to wake up like this every day!

This particular event was in collaboration with fashion students at LJMU and was on the theme of The Fashion RAVEolution. Looking at who makes our clothes, and making conscious clothing decisions.

As such, there was a fashion show, free face painting, and the chance to get your t-shirt personalised by some fashion students. The latter was super busy when I was in the queue and they seemed very stressed so rather than asking for a sassy unicorn on the front, I decided to just let them get a bit scissor happy and create a fun back.

Morning Gloryville

Morning Gloryville

There was a photo booth in which to show off your customised clothes, and several opportunities for a massage, including the Lush Spa who gave Emma and myself a dreamy hand and arm massage.

There were hoop performers, and yoga sessions and lots of dancing, as well as the opportunity to buy smoothies, juices and healthy snacks.



Although not much of a raver myself, the energy and happiness in the room was contagious and I would have happily spent the whole day people watching. I particularly loved how many people bought their children, (wearing ear defenders!), from tiny babies in slings, to an amazing young boy in an Adventure Time onesie who didn’t stop dancing the whole time!

If you’re big into the raving scene, or want to do something entirely different one morning, you really should check out a MGV event. You’ll be smiling for the rest of the day!

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