Looking for Resilient Flooring Design

As the fresh season approaches you no doubt will be looking for a spring in your step to match the glow of the weather.

That means that your home is about to get some serious attention to create the perfect feel for your sunnier mood. That means that that carpet you have been trampling over for the last year could be looking at shipping out with the winter blues in favour of something much more cosier to your feeling.

With overlooking the alternatives, Karndean click vinyl flooring is a great choice to add to the list. Let us explore why.


No doubt what everyone wants is a floor that is not too demanding on us, and if we could have a floor that takes a quick brush, vacuum or mop and be done with it then that is perfect.

Well, Karndean click vinyl flooring is such a product that takes such a small toll from the day it is easily installed all the way across its two decade plus warranty. That means that you save a lot of money on special cleaning products and even more time on cleaning up day to day.

Resistant to Most

With carpets, stone, wood, and other flooring we all tend to have those moments where they suffer ruin in sections from food and drink spills or dirt from outside.

This plays into the strengths of Karndean click vinyl flooring as they have undergone extensive development and manufacturing to present a product rife with special protective technologies at play. First up is its anti-stain property which makes even sauces and paints easy to clean up and not leaving any discoloration afterwards.

Secondly, it’s anti-scratch technologies which ensure that no specialist scratch repair liquids need to be applied in order to buff it out. Vinyl is 100% waterproof which is safe for your underflooring and better suited for bathrooms and kitchens than other flooring options.

Adds to Everything

The one great thing about Karndean click vinyl flooring is that it can offer so much more to other parts of the house.

It is a perfect partner for underfloor heating whilst also providing great comfort underfoot, it offers better soundproofing for rooms so you won’t hear a lot of noise from upstairs and it can even add value to your house should you come to sell it and move on.

With the many different designs that vinyl has to offer, it is not unrealistic that you could outfit your entire house with differing designs, and no one would be none the wiser that they were not the real thing.

Karndean click vinyl flooring is a resilient flooring option for your home in many areas, and those looking to add that spring in their step will be hard pressed to find a more satisfactory shine for their home.

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