Ultimate Etsy Mothers’ Day Gift Guide*

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This is your reminder that Mothers’ Day is coming up! Last Mothers’ Day was a weird one for me; it was my first as an actual mother myself, but also the first without my own mother. It was certainly bittersweet and I didn’t feel in a great place, so I distracted myself with a fun project (which later turned into Blogger to Boss!) and although I was spoilt by my lovely boys, I feel like this year I am going to real bask in the joy of being Ruben’s mama.

So, as I like to do for all the best gift-giving occasions, here is a cheeky little Etsy gift guide. You can find other amazing Mum-themed presents here.


What mother doesn’t love a good mug?! Whether it has a lukewarm brew in it that hasn’t yet been reached, or it’s used for that end-of-the-day-well-needed G+T, there are some really lovely mugs on Etsy to show Mum you care. I love this really elegant ‘Mum’ one (which looks really big too!), but I’m probably more like the colourful one with an upbeat slogan on it. 


I am all about pins, especially ones with little quotes or puns on them. I love the cute Mama Bear pin, and the little cuddling Koala bears make my heart hurt in the best way. The ‘Attached Parent’ is perfect for those of us who practise attachment parenting and are proud of it! While the Rainbow Mama is a lovely way to make reference to your little miracle and any babies that were lost along the way. 


If you really want to spoil the mama in your life, jewellery is always a good shout. I love anything personalised, especially if it is personalised with Roo’s name, so this gorgeous necklace, with matching birthstone would be a real hit with me. I also love these quirky earrings, as a present that says “I love you and respect you as more than just my mother”, which is a lot for some earrings to say to be honest. My ideal gift would be some breastmilk jewellery. I know, I know, I’m one of those mums. But I have loved feeding Ruben and I love the idea of commemorating that with something really special. If you want something a little less… body-fluid-y, these sweet foxes are perfect as a gift for a brand new Mum. 


Not everyone likes to wear their motherhood status emblazoned on their clothes, but I am someone who does. I love these gorgeous tops with a little Mama quote on them, as something perfect to shove on on the way to the many baby classes I attend every week. Another thing I LOVE (that is certainly Marmite in the parenting world) is matching, so I love this “You are my sunshine” set. The full family of bears would also be a dream come true, and I know Steven is my soulmate because I know he’d wear it for me.

Sentimental gifts

Everyone loves a tearjerker, especially Mums, so here are some sweet, personalised ideas. I love this beautiful frame as a lovely way of gifting pictures of you with your Mum – even better if there are a few of you to share this as a present.  

I love the plant pot that says “Thank you for helping me grow”, which again, would be lovely for a newborn to gift their mother (after all, she’s spent the past 9 months growing them!), or even an older child – totes emosh. 

A bit quirky

The tiny sunflower in a bottle is really sweet and unique, and a nice way to brighten up her day whenever she looks at it. 

This personalised breakfast in bed tray would be really lovely, presented with some lovingly made brunch and a little vase on it. Whether that’s sophisticated avo on sourdough made my grown-up children, or burnt toast made by the younger ones, this is a sweet gift that will show her how much you care. 

Nothing says quirky like a tiny pet crumpet, and I couldn’t resist this as it really made me laugh. My Nanna makes the best crumpets so this would be a cute gift to give here though I think she’d be very confused… 

Obviously, all a Mum really needs on Mothers’ Day is a lie in a cuddle and some kind words, but I know I personally wouldn’t turn down a little somethin’-somethin’ too!


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