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Life after Lockdown: A “When This is Over” Bucket list

The lovely Victoria from The Manifestation Collective mentioned writing a life after lockdown, When This is Over bucket list, and I thought it was a really lovely idea. I’ve been adding to it for a few days and I finally think I’m ready to share it.

What will Life after Lockdown even be like?!

I’m quite lucky on one hand, as I’m still going to work which means I do get to actually leave the house a few times a week – yay! But on the other hand, my heart hurts for Ruben. He’s such a sociable thing and he loves cuddles from his family, so it’s been super hard watching him wave at people through windows but being confused as to why he’s not been allowed out. 


A baby in a yellow vest, sat with his grandparents looking at a phone

So, the first place on my list is to take Ruben to see his Nanna & Grandad. They usually have him for a few evenings a week for a few hours while I go to work, and I know they’re all missing each other – and I’m missing the help! I think we’ll all cry when they’re back together and I am so looking forward to dropping him off with them for a sleepover and spending some time getting the jobs done that we’ve not yet managed to do with Ruben crawling behind us, and also SLEEPING!

The very next place is Peterborough, to see my side of the family and some of our very best friends. We’ve never been this long without seeing them and I’m missing them so bad my heart hurts. I can’t wait for them all to see how he’s grown and changed, and for me to get to cuddle all the children that live down there too. Life after lockdown is going to be all about family.


Another Ruben-centric place, but I really want to take him to soft-play. I know, I know, it’s noisy and gross, but he’s obsessed with climbing and I feel like my sofa will appreciate the rest! I can’t wait to reunite him with his besties too. Since they were 6 weeks old they’ve seen each other most weeks, if not more than once a week, and they’ve been apart for far too long! 

I LOVE a theme park and between being pregnant and a new Mum, I’ve not been on any rollercoasters for forever! I’d love to just spend the day with some friends, running around Alton Towers in the sunshine, screaming my head off and eating overpriced slushes. 

I’m not a big swimmer, and by that I mean I can just about doggy paddle, but we’ve only ever taken Ruben swimming twice and I feel like as he’s gotten older, he’d really enjoy it. I hate that he’s missing out, so going swimming as a family will be something on the list!

I cannot wait to get back to baby classes! I know it’s not exactly rock ’n’ roll but I really do love these classes – for myself as much as Ruben. I’ve missed my mum friends, and their little ones and just having some time out of the house (lol!) to make a mess that isn’t my job to tidy up! 

Alone time

Although I’m not exactly a glamorous kinda gal, I would quite like to spend a day getting pampered, because quarantine has me feeling like a TROLL. I had my eyelashes done once before the lockdown and ended up looking like Yzma a week on, so I’d quite like to be a little selfish and get those done again, maybe my hair, nails if I’m feeling fancy. A little pamper because I’ll actually be seeing people again – woo! 

I know it might seem weird, but I am so excited to do an escape room. I’ve only recently got into them and I just feel like it will really feel like things are back to normal if I can do something like that. 

Two cute babies sat on a wooden tractor at a farm

Last summer we went to a local farm a few times and it was lovely. But the babies didn’t really know what was going on. I feel like this summer would be a perfect age for them to get excited about seeing the animals, riding the tractor, getting to feed alpacas. I almost feel like we’ve been robbed of all the adventures we had planned when Ruben got to this age, so WTIO I am going to forget about all the housework, the gardening, the laundry, and spend all the time we can going on adventures and making memories. 

I’ve loved reading other peoples’ lists and although mine isn’t exactly jetting off to Paris, or an American road trip (I wish!), it’s the things that are important to me – seeing friends and family, making memories with our little bean and enjoying freedom. 

Here’s hoping things don’t last too much longer! 

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