Honeymoonin’ – Viva Las Vegas: Our Hotel

We are currently on our honeymoon and, like a true blogger I am currently utilising some road tripping tome to catch up on posts about our adventure – get me some of that sweet, sweet content! So over the next few days I will queue up some posts about the first stop on our American road trip – Las Vegas! We’ve been here for four days and after picking our sick hire car (it’s freaking huge!) we are on our way to LA – stop number two! 

From there, we are driving a significantly longer drive to San Fransisco where we will be dropping off our hire car and enjoying the last few days of our honeymoon. 

I’m going to break the posts up by destination, and then our accommodation, places to eat, things to see and do and top tips. I’m only going to write about things we’ve experienced ourselves as there are plenty of round up posts who do these things much better than me – in fact, I would solidly recommend Travel Budgeter for money saving guides. 

Things to note: There are just two of us on this trip (hence it being a honeymoon) and we booked through Virgin holidays because we wanted to least amount of stress possible. We are on a budget day-to-day after we have booked a few things but we’re cool with that and we were kindly gifted dollars from a lot of family and friends which is our spending money.

Viva Las Vegas – Our Hotel 

Not knowing a whole lot about Vegas hotels, aside from the obvious few: Caesars Palace, The Bellagio and the MGM Grand, we weren’t sure where we wanted to stay for our Honeymoon. Originally, Virgin suggested The Luxor, which is a cool pyramid shaped hotel, however, after talking to some friends and reading some reviews, we were put off a little. It seemed to be right at the very end of the strip, and reviews said the rooms were very dated. (Side note – The Luxor is 1000% worth seeing! The theming is super cool and it’s crazy that it’s an actual pyramid!) 

 The Luxor at night - you can see the light all the way across the strip!

The Luxor at night – you can see the light all the way across the strip!

We went back to Virgin and asked if they could recommend something in a similar price range with a better location and good reviews. They suggested Treasure Island, and after consulting with my Vegas pro friends we decided to take it! 

As you can imagine, TI is vaguely pirate themed, although aside from the giant ship outside the front, the theming is a lot more subtle than some of the other hotels (although it’s Vegas so subtle isn’t necessarily what you want!). When we checked in and mentioned that it was our honeymoon, the lovely woman on the desk upgraded us to a better room (which should have been an extra $40 per night), and gave us a corner room so that we could have the best view(s) and also gifted us a bottle of champagne too – we couldn’t have asked for better treatment! 

The room was great. The double windows were so amazing that we didn’t even close the curtains to sleep because it was just so exciting getting to see the Venetian one side and the Wynn the other! 

We had a big bed, huge TV, chaise lounge, a lush bath and shower combo, a fridge and safe. Plus that sweet, sweet AC which is a necessity in Vegas because it is so freaking hot! 


TI is certainly not the biggest, best or most exciting hotel on the strip (they all have the price tag to match!), but it’s in a great location, has plenty to do and the pool was amazing. The weirdest thing about Vegas is that you spend so much more time in other people’s hotel than you do your own so as long as you have a comfy bed to crash out on (hopefully covered in all that dollar you win at the casinos) and you’re close to a bus stop, you’re pretty golden. 

For us, our hotel was just to sleep in (at weird times of the day because jet-lag) and to keep our stuff so it was perfect for us. Our hotel was lovely but we wouldn’t stay there again – not because it wasn’t great, because it was, but because when you’ve got the whole of the Las Vegas strip to choose from – why would you stay in the same place?! 


  1. We went to Vegas, amongst some other places in the US, for our Honeymoon last September. I absolutely fell in love with the place! So much so that 4 months later we booked flights back to Vegas for this September as our Paper Anniversary present. Then Covid-19 came along and weve postponed to mid/late 2021 🙈

    Kayleigh x

    1. Author

      It’s amazing isn’t it?! So gutted for you that you’re missing out this year, but your return to Vegan in 2021 is going to be even more amazing! x

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