I’ll Give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson: Review

This book. This! Book! I can’t even cope with how amazing this is. Usually I don’t care much either way for the ‘quality’ of the writing, I’m more interested in the actual narrative but this book had both. I wasn’t sure what to read after my current run of books was going so well, so it took a little while to find, but after perusing my Goodread’s bookshelf I decided I liked the look of this one (literally judging the book by the cover!). It’s hard to talk too much about it, without giving anything away but the story follows twins Noah and Jude, alternating chapters between Noah’s recount of being 13 (and a half!) and Jude’s of being 16. Noah’s imagery-laden way of writing is breath-taking. I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first but I found myself utterly drawn in. The character development is incredible and so believable, and both characters feel relatable – I keep finding myself thinking about them way after finishing the story.

The way the plot weaves and every answer starts to reveal itself I genuinely found myself gasping and exclaiming aloud. I felt this book in my soul!

I think this will appeal to anyone who thinks of themselves as an ‘artist’, even secretly. The way the author describes the process of creating is just so raw, and honest and you feel like you can see the art.

It’s just a bloody amazing book and you really do need to read it. Right now.

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