Lush Spa: Comforter Treatment Review!

After an intense week in which I started a new job, passed my theory test and Steven worked every hour under the sun (and then some!) it got to Friday and I decided we deserved a treat. I planned to book us into a spa hotel for a cutesy couples massage and to spend the whole of Saturday away from everyone, feeling like fancy bitches.
Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t share my spontaneous manner, and every single place I looked into was booked up. Apparently, people tend to book things in advance – weird! This constant search for a close, but nice spa break, or even one day at this point, left me so stressed I was ironically in need of a massage more than ever.

A little disappointed, and exhausted after a series of delayed and cancelled trains, I had sadly given up on the idea and decided to embrace a weekend at home…

Until Saturday morning when my much more resourceful other half suggested the Lush Spa. Being a huge Lush fangirl, this is something I had always dreamed of, but never figured I would be able to go. Looking at the prices, it actually worked out cheaper than a lot of the other places we had tried to book, and when I called I was able to book in at 5pm! The lovely lady on the phone said she’d check to see if someone could stay a little later to fit us in, and when she called back to confirm I wanted to cry!

From the moment we arrived in the shop, we were treated like royalty! We were sat down on chairs in the window of the shop, and a lovely girl called Mimi, came and just chatted to us (mostly about Harry Potter!), got us a drink of water in fancy teacups and just generally looked after us. We were apologised to profusely when things were running about 10 minutes later than planned, because they don’t like to usher people out of the rooms after their treatment – which I love! Mimi even offered us a hand and arm massage whilst we waited, but we were happy enough chatting.

The therapists came down and introduced themselves to us, and although it’s a little thing, them knowing our names was a nice little touch and I felt at ease straight away. I have only ever had two massages and no matter how nice the masseuse happens to be, I always feel awkward, like I should apologise for my hairy legs or not being glamorous enough for a massage, but there wasn’t a single point that I felt like that at the Lush Spa!Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 14.17.38

We were taken upstairs to what looked like a rustic, country kitchen and sat at a big table. I had Megan who I cannot praise enough! She made it seem as though the whole treatment had been made just for me, and I genuinely felt as though I had her full attention from the moment she shook my hand.

She sat me down at the table and explained the whole treatment to me. I had gone for the Comforter treatment as the description on the website sounded heavenly. It was all about just relaxing and that was exactly what I needed. The chocolate scrub they used was in a pot in front of us so I could smell it and Megan explained the ingredients and their benefits to me. I loved the way she explained things, because she sounded knowledgeable, but not too rehearsed. She even explained that I should strip to my knickers but that there was a towel to wrap around my chest, and knowing everything really helped me as I worry so much about doing something awkward it ruins any sort of relaxation!

Apparently the idea of the Comforter treatment is to remind you not to take life too seriously, which is something I am very guilty of, so it really did seem made for me!

I popped to the bathroom before we started and I really feel like it needs a mention! It was genuinely so beautiful! With a huge walk in shower with a giant shower head, a fluffy dressing gown, and so many Lush products to use – I was actually gutted that I was only in there for a wee!

I went into my treatment room which was lit pink and Megan left me to get ready, telling me to take my time, and ring a bell when I was done. It felt so weird ringing a bell as if I was calling a servent, but it did take away the awkwardness of not knowing how to let them know you were ready.

After stripping to my pants, I climbed inside, what I can only assume was an actual cloud. I was laying on a memory foam mattress, with a huge heated duvet on top of me, and the worlds softest pillows. It was an actual bed. Above me on the ceiling were lights that looked like stars and if the whole hour was just me laying in that bed and nothing else it would have been well worth the money!

Megan came in, popped on the music and put a beanbag-type thing over my eyes. The music was soundtracks from old films, which on paper shouldn’t work, but in reality was wonderful – much more enjoyable than the sound of the ocean for example!

She began by removing my limbs one-by-one from the duvet and coating it in a warm chocolate scrub. Rubbing it in, exfoliating and massaging at the same time. After each one was done, it was placed back under the duvet to keep me warm. After this, she went round my body again and removed it with a hot mitt which was such a lovely feeling. Once the front was done, I turned over and was treated to the same again, but ending with a rose mattifying product. I can’t remember what it was called, only that it felt incredible on my skin!

In terms of a massage, I enjoyed that it was medium pressure as I find it hard to relax if someone is pummelling me to death. It was the perfect pressure to relax me and yet get rid of a lot of tension. Beautiful.

I won’t give everything away as there were a few little surprises, but I could not recommend it more! When it was done, I was given time to relax and get myself ready before being treated to a surprise drink and a chat with Megan on the sofa in the kitchen. I found it hard to make much sense as I was so blissed out, words were not coming easily – I would say that’s a sign of a thoroughly relaxing massage.

The whole thing was more than a treatment, it was a whole experience. From start to finish everything had been thought out and two days later my skin is still silky soft!Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 14.17.46

I am now desperate to go again and try another treatment (or 10!). Steven had the Good Hour and will be writing about that soon. We cannot thank the lovely team at Lush Liverpool for such an amazing experience. We will be back!


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  2. Wow this sounds like a truly indulgent experience! I would absolutely LOVE to get to the Lush spa one day, I adore all their products!!

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