Healthy living: One week update!

I’ve officially made it! One week of no alcohol and healthy eating and I’m still alive! It’s not been perfect, don’t get me wrong. Our first week shop was a beautiful (but pricey) sea of fresh greens. We bought kale and chia seeds and a whole farm’s worth of fruit. Predictably, yet disappointingly, it lasted just a few days of morning smoothies and snack cravings before it went off or, y’know, was all gone. Our second shop of the month, with a smaller budget and way less enthusiasm was not quite as perfect. Sure, we stocked up on berries for the smoothies, but this time they were already frozen, as was a lot of our shop! We went for veggie ‘mince’, as it seems a whole lot healthier, and some Weight Watchers lasagnes (which seem to be a whole lot smaller than our usually portions!). I’ve not completely banned chocolate from my system, which seems to be helping. If I feel a craving I will just eat something small, and know when to stop – trying to stop binge eating a huge bar of Dairy Milk! I’ve found that I’m not really craving junk food that much, not even the golden arches so that’s going well! There have been a few days this week where I have really wanted to break my resolve on the wine front. When a day has been stressful and I know a big ol’ glass of vino would help, but I am determined to stick it out, to prove to myself and give my body a rest.
In terms of exercise, I have been the gym… once… for half an hour. It’s a start! I have also been doing a few online work out programmes but it’s so hard to keep my attention – I’m like a small child! Still, exercising does make me feel happier so I’m going to try and go to the gym once a week – it’s free after all!

Here are some things I can’t stop shouting about this week:

    • Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender. I love my blender! It is perfect for making my lovely morning smoothies and there’s no fuss or mess. With a larger blender, it’s hard to work out how much is a one-person serving and it takes a while to wash everything. With the Blend Active, the vessel you make the smoothie in, is the one you use to drink out of, reducing the mess and making the serving sizes easy – it even means I can make my delicious fruit smoothies, and Steven can make his questionable green gloop without having to clean anything out.

  • Snog Fro’Yo. My first taste of this heaven-in-a-bowl-snack was a few years ago, when I finished my Italia Conti audition. I went to SoHo with a random girl that I had met and she offered to change my life with a frozen treat. So when I saw it in Asda for just £1, I couldn’t say no! It tastes so good and it’s the perfect size to ensure you don’t over-indulge!
  • Yoga Studio App. A beautifully designed, comprehensive and user-friendly yoga app! with different ‘classes’ from beginner to advanced, in meditation, balance, strength and much more, this app just works. I have been putting it on the AppleTV and enjoying a cheeky 10 minute practise as often as I can. It’s not free, but it was worth every penny!

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