Attachment: A Review

I loved Eleanor & Park and I’m not sure any Rainbow Rowell book will ever live up to it in my eyes, but of course I wanted to give her others ago. I was really not sure about Attachments until after I had gotten past the half-way mark, which is exactly how I’d felt about Landline. After that part however, I really enjoyed the story and I was rooting for the characters so hard. It’s difficult to talk about the plot, without giving spoilers away, but the writing is very clever. There are some things we don’t find out about the main character until late into the book, and you realise that just from what you’ve read about his actions etc, you have formed your own opinions which may not actually turn out to be correct – I know mine were not. I loved the friendship between Beth & Jennifer, as I could identify with it in my own life – it was very realistic, and they were both generally rather likeable. The romantic element was an interesting concept, if a little frustrating at times (as all good love stories are!). It was a pleasant read, and a nice one to kick 2015 off with, but it did take far too long to get into it!
Oh, and one thing that I did not enjoy in this book, however, was the conversation about baby names, where the girls both slate the name ‘Cody’. Rude.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 15.59.20Yes. I do collect dream catchers…

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