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I love everything quirky, bohemian and colourful, so when I came across Uncommon Goods I was delighted to find not just another gift site full of the same old presents, but a website full of absolute gems! 

Upon looking into the company’s ethics, I was even more thrilled. Uncommon Goods aims to be more eco friendly, focussing on sustainability and social responsibility – I am all about that life! We try to be as green and eco friendly as possible (we use a renewable electricity provider and recycle everything!) and Steven hates any sort of waste so I know he would be extra pleased to receive something from this website, knowing how much better it is for the planet. They offer an amazing range of Handmade, Recycled and Organic Products and don’t sell anything that may have caused harm to an animal in their production, such as leather, feathers or fur. 

There is so much more to it than that, but you can read the rest of their story here and then go shopping guilt free!

So what do they offer?

Well as someone who cannot stand buying boring generic gifts for people, Uncommon Goods is perfect. For example, here are some of my favourite gifts that would be perfect for your family and friends at Christmas

These Birth Month Flower Earrings are so freaking cute! They’re real, dried flowers so each one will be unique and you can either choose the flowers that are related to your birth month or just the ones you like best.  

In and of itself this bag is beautiful, but the fact that you can hold and pour wine from it makes it the perfect bag. This Wine & Beverage Dispensing Tote would be a great secret santa present too for the office drinker! Check out more great gifts for the special women in your life. 

If like me, you struggle to buy for the men in your life – look no further! There is a great range of gifts for men that are a little more exciting than the usual pack of socks. 

There is something incredibly classy about a good whisky glass and this one is perfect for those with a little bit of Wanderlust. I would love to get Steven one of these, but which city?! Maybe we need a whole set!

We love having friends round for a games night in the garden and I’ve not seen this one before. I’m a nerd so this is right up my street! Although this is supposed to be a gift guide for other people, but honestly, I kinda want this myself!

They certainly live up to their name with this uncommon gift! Every day you can feel like you’ve “nailed it” at work with this completely random desk organizer. Perfect for the person who has everything! 

I really love UncommonGoods and I almost don’t want to share the site with you all because there are so many things that will be being given as Christmas gifts from me this year! The fact that the presents are eco-friendly and the company are good eggs makes me feel zero guilt about buying gifts from here! 


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