#BEDN: Something New About Yourself

This year, I’ve decided to take part in Blog Every Day in November (#BEDN). It’s November 1st and I had already forgotten until now (4pm) – good job Codie! I’ve never been great at doing something consistently everyday, I can have the greatest intentions but my head is always in the clouds so to rarely pans out. Hopefully BEDN will be different!
Today’s prompt is “Something New About Yourself” and thankfully, it’s been a few months of self discovery, so it seems like a good time to write about this. I had been quite reluctant and hesitant to write a blog post about this, in case anyone thinks it’s silly, but with this being the title, I’m thinking it’s a sign.

A few weeks ago, I received a Twitter DM from a lovely lady I’d met in America two years ago. She’d been reading my tweets (@codiekinz if you aren’t ready following!) and suggested I could be an empath. After a lot of research, I had to agree. Basically, an empath is someone who is overly sensitive to other people’s energies. Whether they be strangers or loved ones, and absorbing the negative energy of those around you, can cause you to become exhausted.

I know some people won’t believe in this stuff, and that’s fine, but for me it explains so much. We know people are made of energy and I’ve always been overly emotional – crying when my friends are sad, taking on the feelings of people around me etc. You hold emotion in your solar plexus, just under your sternum, and that’s where I feel it most when I’m worried or upset. It can also cause anxiety and digestive problems and hyper realistic dreams (something I’ve had for as long as I can remember!)

I’ve also read articles that suggest a link between CFS and being an Empath which is an interesting theory. Now that things about myself can be explained by my being an Empath, it has helped me manage my own energy. I understand why I feel certain ways, and how to protect myself from too much negativity.

There’s a lot more to it than this, but it’s worth a Google and a read – the Internet will explain it much better than me!

So I guess that’s a new thing about me. It’s so interesting to be learning things about yourself when you thought you knew it all!

How about you, have you learnt anything new about yourself recently?


  1. I’ve heard of empath’s and do think some people are certainly more susceptible to taking on the emotions of those around them. I can often take on other peoples pain and make it my own, so I understand what it can be like. x

  2. Actually I did… I can live without sugar and I am fine with it which for someone who was addicted to chocolate and cakes for year is a giant change 🙂

  3. This is really interesting. I have really bad anxiety and have for over 10 years. I agree completely about the physical responses it can put on the body too. Great post Codie, I really found this insightful.

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